Let's talk about Egypt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Noir, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. I simply refuse to take all those "freedom" revolution seriously. It seems after all is said and done, the neo-con did succeed to implant their mumbo jambo about democracy and all that jazz. As if good ol' Mubarak hides billion dollars and is indifferent for the children of Egypt upbringing. But why has violence exploded out of control in a culture where obedience is an uncontested virtue? The answer lies in a different kind of explosion. Egypt (like most of the Arab world) has been overwhelmed by a demographic boom that shows no sign of abating. Egypt like most of the Arab world suffers from infatilesation of the society and therefore not enough people contribute to the state. If in the west many children are their families only sons, who concentrate on future vocations. However, more than two-thirds of the Arab boys are second, third and even fourth brothers. Neither their fathers nor the state will leave them any property or prepare them for a decent place in life. More than half of Egypt 82 million strong are youngsters between 17 to 30 while 60% of them unemployed and each generation the population is doubled itself. Over the next years many more angry young males will roam the streets of Arab world there is no other scenario.

    Thus this is an issue of fiscical return from the populus for the state. Mubarak is not to blame here. Egypt should control its total fertility. This demographic armament will continue to provide large numbers of young men who have no prospects for employment and no place in society, and whose only hope is to fight for one.
  2. erm yeah but least the pyramids are nice
  3. Those Egyptian new potatoes are welcome this time of year.
  4. And with all the energetic young unemployed with lots of time on their hands.... One could provide a solution of re-building Egypt to it's ancient glory days. Get that whole pyramid thing back in fashion?

    I'd quite like mine to have a few windows though! :thumright:
  5. Perhaps we could ship some of these surplus Egyptian boys to Afghanistan to help bring the headmen over to our side.
  6. I wonder how things will be in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood take control?
  7. And the egyptian cotton is so nice on my skin.
  8. The Sudan is at it now and as I recall. "They don't like it up em".
  9. Are those toy camels they sell to tourists really full of camel shit?
  10. Even worse than it is now. :)
  11. Oh, I dunno, though...

    "Here's to you Fuzzy-Wuzzy,
    At your home in the Sudan
    You're a poor, benighted Heathen
    But a first-class fighting man!

    Yes here's to you Fuzzy-Wuzzy,
    With your barrack-head of hair
    You big, black, bounding bastard
    For you broke a British Square!"

    - Kipling.
  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I bought some very nice essential oils in Aswan a few years back.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    They'll be nice when they're finished. Maybe the new bloke will sort it. And while he's on, the ice machine on the 6th floor of Sofitel Naama Bay was fucked last time I was there. Get it gripped, new bloke.
  14. Yes untill the Islamist fanatics take over then they'll probably declare the pyramids and the sphinx unslamic and blow them up and melt down TUTs treasures claiming they are images of idolatry we all remember how inspired the Taliban where when they looked at the Bamiyan Buddhas.
    They saw a great work of art build by mind infinitivly greater than theirs and the only way they could express themselves was to mindlessly destroy it.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, but the pyramids are not a great work of art. They are a bunch of moth-eaten bricks piled up in the desert. And if they got blown up, at least you could watch sunrise over the pyramids without a bunch of badly dressed foreign fucking tourists getting in the way, and you could...

    hang about...