Let's take everything said at face value

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Westgate bodybuilder Warren Harlow threatens to kill lover Natasha Ellis for internet lingerie pictures

    To summarise. A six foot eight inch bodybuilder is in a relationship with a woman who is the mother of his child. But they don't live together. Something of a wee tiff erupts over her attempt to embrace a work ethic. Modelling lingerie for "Adult websites"

    So on one of the rare occasions they share a night together the tiff occurred. And he grasped her by the throat. Then brandished a knife and shouted threats to kill.

    She wrested herself free and ran to a neighbours house for assistance.

    The neighbour thought the essential counselling aide in such circumstances was his trusty cut throat razor. Which fortunately he had conveniently to hand.

    "What you need Mr Bodybuilder is a pre-dawn close shave"

    This kind offer, if somewhat bizarre, resulted in the bodybuilder desisting from his activity which he explained was merely rough sex.

    And but for the court clarifying the details I may have cynically thought they were claiming benefits separately whilst actually living together. She didn't share her blackmarket lingerie displaying pay. And when it came on top the neighbour offered to give him a twelve inch smile.
  2. Sounds normal behaviour for Kent, wherever that is but it's mentioned alot on this site.
  3. I find it ironic that you refer to bizarre behaviour in one of your posts.
  4. 5f8a57a14b2b5cafcf0860d6e9a6f40e_vice_670.jpg

    Look!! It's Jeebus in a woman's thingy!
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  5. Everybody.


    That is all.
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  6. Normal for Kent??

    Not with their magnificent police service.
  7. Don't suppose there are any pictures of her modelling are there?
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  8. Can someone turn this ******* RSS feed off, ffs
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  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nice to see the old Duke giving it some, but I feel the EWS C1 at the back is doing the graft. What do you think?

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  11. The EWS jobbie doesn't sound likes it doing anyone more than a fast idle. It's probably just there's as a thunderbird for when the steam loco blows its fusible or shears something vital.

    Incidentally, can anyone recommend a cut throat shave?
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  12. Is that a Deltic thingymabob then?
  13. No, silly boy. That is what is known "technically" as a chuff chuff train.

  14. I curse you, Iron Duke!

    I had no interest in Deltics and Steam trains, but now I know about the 22 Deltics, and I've seen more you tube clips about steam trains that I'm becoming interested in the damm things........