Lets SWAP!

okay this Blog is about SWAP(ing), Angels love to swap. They love to write to your soldier and receive a card in return. Even better when one of the Angel is a Euro and they get cards from Germany. They just love doing that. Usually a SWAP is organized by one Angel and she collects the names of those who want to swap. Each angel can only sign up (let's say) three Soldiers. So they get three cards for them and send three cards in return. (that is the idea)

Yesterday I got that list with Soldiers and I wanted to get them as much as mail as possible so I announced a SWAP. Stupid me didn't realize that I actually have to send every Angel the exact amount of cards they send to my Soldiers and I did not realize that we've got some die-hard Angels who wants to have the ENTIRE LIST and write to all of them. So technically I ended up with around a 100 cards to write... but I am glad that the Angels understand that this is nearly impossible to do as one person. If I had nothing else to do it wouldn't be any problem at all but being in school and having all the administration work for SAE makes it impossible. So maybe I should think first before I am anouncing a SWAP ... but the Angels love writing letters anyway so I sat there all night long sending out emails with soldiers names. One wanted to have all of them, others just three, some wanted to have eight and others just one. I can proudly say that all soldiers are covered. And I am also happy that so many members of arrse signed themselves up for adopting a soldier or joining the LWT or the Wounded TLC.

I am truly proud of all and every single of you and the Angels in the US. You really should see the boards and of what is going on there and what ideas they have. It always amazes me of how much love, humour and dedication they put in this and they are so happy to send something to British Troops.

You just gotta love them and I don't know of how to thank everybody for all the help. I am humbled and all I can say is:

Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done, you are doing and will do in future. Thank you from all my heart.

Ps: Some of the US Angels are looking forward to learn a new language so I hope that ya'll teach them the proper english (I know I gotta learn that too LOL)

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