Lets Sue the Government!

A random idea I had the other day courtesy of probably a little too much alcohol and definitely not enough sleep was why don't we sue the government? As I understand it you can take out a private prosecution if you believe that there's been a crime committed and the CPS have decided for one reason or another not to prosecute. Now with the whole corporate manslaughter thing being in vogue fairly recently shouldn't we be able to make it stick against the government? Having the military fighting two separate conflicts whilst cutting funding, manpower, numerous other actions they've taken and making laughably shite defence procurement decisions certainly sounds like criminal negligence to me. Have a collection and even people only putting in five or ten pounds each and I think we could get a serious war chest going to fund things. :)
Not to rain on your parade buddy: it ain't gonna happen.

Over in these parts, a president who is responsible for deliberately weakening the country's national defenses is guilty of high crimes and misdemenours; an impeachable offense.

Now, if I can only prove the meaning of 'deliberate.'
Hell, if there was any justice we could prosecute them under the Trades Descriptions Act for daring to use the word 'government'.

Arrseholes, the lot of them.


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Except that they make and administer the laws! look at what the party and it's hacks did to Elizabeth Filkin, the Ethical Standards commisioner. She was undermined and ultimately destroyed by a whispering campaign, by threats and government's tame journos. Just for trying to do the job she was given , to look at parliamentary standards and ethics.

I liked her, but then, I've always had a weakness for an Ethics Girl!

Reaching for coat.

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