lets start an army wide rumour...source...this thread.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. i was sat at scoff in the mess and i told one of the lads that someone was gay in the mess, for a laugh two lads at the table backed it up. one of the other lads at the table was gob-smacked and, being like the set of part one orders that he is, left the table and told everyone else in the mess.fast forward two minutes and other lads who were joining us at our table told us about someone being gay in the mess. this rumour had returned to us in less than two minutes.

    what is the most virulent and quickest rumour you've heard, and is it possible to start an army wide rumour on this site?

    by the way...did you know that Dr. John Reid is proposing a 6% pay rise which will be brought in incrementally over the next two years?
  2. A Labour group will shortly be producing a paper recommending a massive reduction in the regular army strength but at the same time doubling its numbers.
    The study concluded that during the last 20 years the army (excluding NI but we now have the peace dividend) has on average commited at most 2 Bdes on major operations at the same time.

    The recommendations recommend 1 Bde of Guards (to please the tourists), three operational Bdes (1 Armd, 1 Marine/Para and 1 Inf) and one reserve (Inf)).
    As the territorial army has performed so well recently it will be increased accordingley (to six Divs re-erecting 42nd (Lancashire and Welch). 43(Wessex), 44 (Home Counties), 49 Armd (Yorkshire & Midlands), 50 (Tyne Tees), 51/52 (Scottish)).

    The new army doctrine will be based on regular army winning the war and the terrritorials policing it. No operations will be committed without EU backing and the lead in time for any EU self defence will allow the territorials to be trained upto an offensive role in time.

    This results in a 40-60% saving on current Army expenditure.

    p.s. soz been drinking 1664 for a few hours
  3. You f*cking knob.
  4. You told one of the guys for a LAUGH and passed it off as fact that someone was gay, when in fact they're not.... Regardless of the damage it could do to their career, family life, social life and standing in the unit?

    F*cking hilarious!

    Well done.

  5. ahh so its not a rumour then,looks like we have stumbled on armourers secret
  6. Took the words from my mouth… by the way Heywood its going around arrse that you take it up the sh$tter too…you’re a funny guy hope the guy f@cked you in the face
  7. get a life,like H-J said it was a laugh im sure people would not take it serious,if they do then they are c**cks
  8. Possible except for the fact that the w*nker Heywood would never have been allowed in any mess I was a member of. The mess at Bordon has always had very low standards, the proof is that they let spotty little dickheads like Heywood in.
  9. mens-meze...another f*cking knob.
  10. Come on Heywood you little c*nt.
  11. with boring cnuts like you in the mess i wouldnt want to be part of it,i bet its a laugh a fcuking minute
  12. You and Heywood haven't got big enough balls to get in a decent mess.
  13. oh the wit,stop please you are killing me,no seriously you boring cnut
  14. well if thats what you call a decent mess,you can keep it
  15. you and heywood 2 f*cking gutless, spineless little pr*cks.
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