Lets start a muslim only airline.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by threaders-vm, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. In light of todays potential terrorist attack, the time has now come to face facts:
    . No white British or white person in general are stupid enough to blow themselves up.
    . No person of any other religion other than radical islam has ever blown themselves up in recent times (less kamikaze,vietnam ect)
    . Stopping white British families and searching their holiday luggage is not going to solve anything as they too are not stupid enough to blow themselves up.

    Seeing as it is only arabs who wish to commit hari kari using bombs why dont we put all arabs on the same planes and let the good ones sort out the bad. Im sure this would stop all the problems.
    By the way if any politician is reading this: Take the kid gloves off, and start dealing with these b*****ds the with the contempt they show for our country and ideals. Do your job and send them away from decent law abiding people of all religions and creeds for good (may I suggest the black hole of calcutta).
  2. :roll: Suppose you want seperate trains and buses for muslims as well? How about seperate toilets? How do you define "muslim" anyway? On skin? Do they carry a little card with them? How about a little crescent worn on the shoulder?

    If we discriminate against muslims on the strengths of the few we will score a much bigger own goal than keeping them as integrated as possible

    Its British people vs "islamic" extremist's, not White people vs anyone whos not white
  3. Well except that white guy Richard Reid who tried to blow himself and a plane full of people to bits.

    Not an Arab, half english half jamaican.
    How would your plan deal with this type of guy then?

    Lets not forget Muriel Degauque. A white belgian women who blew herself and a few bystanders to bits..
    Oh and the Tamil Tigers use suicide bombers. They aren't Islamic AFAIK.

    Your plan is shite..
  4. Let’s not forget about the Dutch woman who converted to Islam and then went on to become the west’s first suicide bomber, I can’t remember the exact details of the case but I think she splattered herself all over a busy Iraqi street.

    - edit to say

    damn you and your post editing ways :D
  5. Stopping familes going on holidays is hardly going to help though is it?, can you imagine that the smith family from barnsley are going to blow themselves up on the way to spain?, no it is more likely to be the bloke with the dark skin and a dodgy look on his face. I for one will not get on a plane with an arab. By the way if you look at pictures of richard reid, he hardly looked like the traditional english gent did he?!. Get real, it could have been your family on those flights they tried to bomb.
  6. hardly a regular occurance though is it?
  7. If the leaders of the muslim world cant sort their bad apples out then we should. I suppose you have pictures of christians or catholics or jews blowing themselves up dont you?, no? thought not.
  8. It’s that kind of ignorance that makes “the war on terror” that much harder (apologies for using Blairish terms).

    Islam is a religion and is not restricted to the colour of a mans skin.
    These lunatics who use violence as a means to an end are not your everyday Muslim, they’re following/using a twisted version of their religion as a means of achieving their sick political goals.
  9. The idea is complete balls. I'm not in any way agreeing with or condoning what has been said but I suppose it would be fair to say 'An Islamic extremist is hardly going to not be Muslim is he?'. However that is totally pointless in itself as you'd be punishing the Muslim majority for something a Muslim minority has done.

    As I said I really don't condone what has been said, so this is more of a joke than what I believe. However:
    It wouldn't matter how angry they get or indeed how many more were turned towards 'the cause'. If they are on their own seperate transport the most they could do would be to scowl out the window.
  10. threaders-vm. I will now break my own rule - never insult someone on a website.

    You are a complete and utter %$&^$^&^**%*%&((^(*^)))&_**()+. I have friends who are muslim and they hate extremism. I serve here with visitors who are from friendly muslim countries - they are on our side you moron.

    I suspect that your brain can't cope with the fact that there is no black and white - only shades of grey. Life is not as simple as you appear to be.
  11. As opposed to punishing the whole population?

    But then I suppose that's so "terribly British"

    I think the idea of a Muslim only airline is a bit OTT but I do heartily condone, and indeed call for profiling in airport security. It's makes sense.
  12. Yep pretty much.

    We have to put ourselves above the people that we are 'fighting' against. These people don't operate by the laws nor do they follow the 'rules' of war.

    We do.
  13. I have nothing what so ever against profiling, stop and search based on age, race, type of clothing or just the feelings of the cop on the spot.

    You can not however automatically brand all of one group as evil no matter what a subset of that group has done.

    You will be calling for all muslims to wear some sort of identifing badge next.
  14. A recent development obviously.

    Or did I imagine Gate 49?

    The principal terror threat to this nation at the current time comes from those who claim to follow the teachings of Islam. Note, I said "claim".

    To ignore this fact in the name of "equality" is criminally negligent.