let's send combat trades out to other corps/regts

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ex-dvr, Nov 3, 2003.

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  1. with all this digitisation, no need for them

  2. they still are the backbone of the Corps

  3. Who the fekk will do stags/pan bash if they go?

  4. no, they make the rest of us look good

  1. Is it time to send all combat trades out to other arms/and/or regiments and the corps take on an advisory type role, only needed at HQ's?

    Now this is not a slagging off, i am an ex cbt trade, but the corps thread seems full of tech's and pc nerds transfering in! not a slagging off of them trades either!

    I have been out probably longer than the majority of the serving corps has been in. and to be honest dont have a clue about these new trades/roles that are going on.
    so just curious
  2. farm em out to the RLC
  3. Hmm Ex Dvr dont let the smack talk of the IS Ops bring you down. The Corp on the whole IMO is doing just fine. Trade banter is still as strong if not stronger as ever especially with the new IS Ops taking flack away from the Techs.

    As for farming out Lineys, NO WAY they are a great asset often overlooked. The problem with the MT/Line is down to attitudes. They changed the name from Driver Lineman to Driver and becuase of a few "im a driver" problems it is now back to Driver Lineman. The transition of the TeleMech to Inst Tech as a field replacement/enhancement failed. Lineys despite their "thick as 2 short planks" image work well with other trades and are eager to assist on many comms fits on deployed Ops.

    What Sigs units need to do is rotate Lineman more and stop letting them sit in MT`s all their career. This breeds "blinkered" Lineman.

    Overall a good bunch of guys and gals. Always grafting oh and getting wasted on beer resulting in many a lagged sleeping bag.

  4. Agreed we have a bunch in 16 Sigs run by an excellent team (fudge and his gang) a Bl**dy good bunch really helpful AND know their business.

    But I have to say ....... wireless .........
  5. Sorry

    Do not think that the change over to RLC clerks worked well at all. It was ok whilst they posted ex Royal Sigs clerks to Royal Sigs units but then it fell apart when they just posted any old clerk in.

    Each Corps, Arm is different. They work slightly differently, they do slightly different things. Bloody annoying but it is part of our make up.

    At least the Combat Trade has been trained in Basic Signaling and has some idea.
  6. Fudges gang, they are mostly InstTechs, but as I said there are plenty of good lineys who get involved.

    As for wireless, believe it when I see it. :roll:
  7. Bull - R SIGNALS Drivers are just that...drivers. They are a G4 Logistics asset, just like our Tech Sup Specs. They are effectively mini-RLC detachments. Agreed they provide a sizeable proportion of the RD roster and are sound lads and lasses, but that's no reason to keep on a dying trade.

    The liney's old comms wire is dead in the water. Nearly all new comms fits are now using fibre, which needs the Inst Techs to prep and install. The sensible lineys saw the train coming and jumped on, the rest are fumbling around as trg instrs, RP staff or doing driving details forever.

    Disco - you say rotate these guys, but to where? I know they can lay line in some units but those places are diminshing rapidly.

    In civvy street, it's called outsourcing. You keep your core business and farm out the jobs which can be managed more effectively and more cost effectively by other organisations i.e. the RLC.

    Advantages of outsourcing the drivers and storemen are that they can have a career as drivers and storemen. If not, they are damned into a life of NBC, Fire NCO, skillies, RP staff, Map reading instrs, PTIs and if they're lucky Tp Sgts, Tp Staffies and hopefully
    RD WOs. Notice that there's no mention of driving or storekeeping there?!

    At least in the RLC they can have a full 22yr-career without constant friction between the techs and comms-wallahs (and now IS geeks). How many of them were told that they would only be able to do the trade for a couple of years then become pseudo-infanteers?

    For their own sake, let's practice some tough love!


    Now, I'm not being funny here, but the only problem is that if they went, the RD roster would have to be filled from somewhere. Perhaps that would mean that people who are currently not good enough would instead become our future RSMs and QMs.
  8. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    If we no longer retain, for example, chefs and clerks under R SIGNALS auspices, then why not also devolve storemen and drivers, too? If our core function is CIS, then why not focus on that?
  9. Hear hear. Let's outsource the G4 trades asap.
    More tech weeners can be RSM then :wink:
  10. If we get rid of our G4 functions then we would lose all 'Techs' and FoS to the REME alond with all Ed's as well. If you get the chance to visit a REME Battalion and ask to visit Optronics Platoon, you would see that the functions and procedures are identical to those in our TM troops, however the REME Tels Techs repair to a further level down to our 'Techs'. Anyway when our techs can't fix kit it will be 1045'd to the REME to fix.

    Why do some major units employ the ED's in the GRS within the LAD?

    Answer - Because that is where they belong.

    First bit of common i've heard from Dangermouse for a while.


    Happy in Elmpt
  11. Could be a slippery slide to the eradication of the Corps.

    1. RLC has Rad Ops, any difference to our RadSys Ops that a little training would not cover?? Transfer them.

    2. Techs..gone.

    3. Combat trades gone.

    4. Spec Ops...Int Corps beckons as it is.

    5. AreaSys Ops...Who wants them. Civil Service could cover most of their roles.

    Well what is left, Officers and IS Ops. Not enough for a Corps to stand. Bearing in mind that there are people doing IS jobs throughout the Army and not in the trade.

    Conclusion...why have the Royal Signals?

    Or am I just being pedantic?

    Be careful of what you ask.
  12. RSD,

    An entire Corps of IS Engrs, the mind boggles :D

    Boney turns away in his high backed black leather chair stroking a white cat!! :wink:
  13. Exactly

    Less the stroking of course!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The stroking is largely at the discretion of the individual IS Engr RSD :wink:
  15. OK

    SLOW STROKES then, else you get yourself in troubel