Lets play, Spot The Rifles Dress

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. I'll start: Remembrance Sunday, two officers in No. 1s, each with a Gucci red thread around the collar.

    At first I thought they might be in fancy dress, then ( with a flash ) I realised what I was seeing.

    Any others seen?
  2. No - any photos?
  3. Seen! Almost identical to RGR No 1 dress jacket.
  4. Oh, yes...check out the collar on the chap in the middle...

  5. i may be missing the point but isnt the one in the middle wearing an rgj cap badge doesnt that suggest they are from the RGJ could be TA or Reg Officers i know the new rifles n.o1s will have red piping on the rifle green n.o1's.
  6. Quick, Mutts, the SIB are recruiting and with the insight, perspicity and investigative rigour you so clearly demonstrate, they need you.

    Well done.
  7. where do i join can you show me the way you are obviously the almighty knowing bod????

    maybe i wasnt clear so i will let the sarcasm slip, i was just making the point that the n.o1s are in ready for change over already and the jackets are being issued it
  8. Well are they not incorrectly dressed then if wearing a uniform for a regiment that does not exist?

  9. Was the Officer in question an army cadet officer? The KRRC Cadets are still about and would have red piping on their collars

    and no - not interested in becoming a Monkey - fukcing jobsworths! 8)
  10. Why on earth do you think I started this thread?


    FWIW, all three are serving RGJ officers.

    Not KRRC, not cadets, RGJ.
  11. Its probably best that I point out that their faces do NOT actually look like that...
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    You mean someone threw custard pies at them?
  13. I understand the Waterloo band have the new kit. They should not really be wearing it as the ta rifles do not come into being until next year.
    I just realised this is the infantry board ignore all above...wah :)
  14. Nought out of ten for observation fellas, RGJ officers No.1's have had red piping around the collar since the Regiment was formed in 1966! :roll:

    It's taken from the KRRC full dress uniform and very smart it looks too! I often wished when I was serving that the "founding fathers" who decided on the dress for the new Regiment back then had been a little more imaginative. I could never understand why, if half the Cavalry were poncing around in outrageous red trousers and the Royal Irish could wear Piper Green strides, the RGJ couldn't have had Green Jackets with No.2 Dress FFS! Failing that, what about Rifle Green piping (or even Red, like the old 2nd KEO Gurkha Rifles, itself a tribute to the 60th) around the No.2 Dress collar. Actually that would look pretty neat on the new Rifles No. 2 Dress if tjhey chose to adopt it doncha think?

    They won't of course as it seems the Officers who decide these things don't really give a **** what the troops look like so long as they themselves cut a dash. I just hope that they get rid of the current FU*KING AWFUL No.1 Dress hat!! Surely the ugliest, cheapest and most idiotic lump of crap ever to be inflicted on a Rifleman. Again, why is is that the Guards managed to be issued a smart well designed hat but everybody else got a cheap nasty object suitable only for traffic wardens? :x
  15. No1 dress cap has to stay, Jaeger, where else will we put the back badge?