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Lets plan a military coup in the UK...

... with Boris as a head of the Junta.


One rumour had it that Boris had once confessed to Charlie Althorp, the brother of the late Princess of Wales and his room-mate at Eton, that he wanted to be president of the United States.
Boris was born in New York
Who could be a member of the Junta. We need some 'black' colonels. Jorge Mendonca springs in mind.

This book would be very usefull.


How to Stage a Military Coup: Planning to Execution
But who is the best figure to be a military leader?
londonirish said:
I will be in charge of the invasion of Europe and the colonisation of wherever else we reckon there might be some booty
I think we could make a valid case for reclaiming Normandy, Aquitaine and Hanover. That would be a start.
Mad_Moriarty said:
LordVonHarley said:
Will this be a peaceful coup or will we see heads on spikes?
Head on Spikes, Place them on London bridge for all too see.

Unbrick the entrance to Traitors Gate. :twisted:
KGB_resident said:
LordVonHarley said:
Will this be a peaceful coup or will we see heads on spikes?
Of course peaceful your Lordship. Something like the Glorious Revolution.
So there will be heads on spikes but it will all be denied at a later date?

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