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I know this may sound a bit daft but I get increasingly angry with shops and businesses starting to advertise Christmas earlier and earlier. I get even more angry when Remembrance Parades (the principle day of national mourning after all) happen against a backdrop of this commercialisation. I think that we ARSSEr's can do something about it. We can spread the word that it is considered un-patriotic and direspectful to the dead to start to 'sell' Christmas until the sound of the Last Post has truly died away.

If enough of us made the point the message might sink in and these two great occassions (using the word in its proper sense) can be properly 'celebrated' in the right spirit.

What do you think?
As much as it get on my tits i doubt that what ever we might ask of the retail and service industry's it would fall on deaf ears as when i have mentioned this to some store managers they do the infamous sloppy shoulders.
I think that some people now have to spread the purchases for Christmas over a few months....maybe 6.....it's all down to the individual.

Kids want more and more expensive things each year, and there's the old "well little Susan has one" shite.

I don't have kids, but I have a big enough extended familly to buy for, and it soon adds up.

I know that you're going to say "well they don't have to advertise so early"....but they do.....if shops are going to stock things for Christmas early, then they need to advertise to make the consumer aware that it's available. That's good business sense.

If it didn't sell early they wouldn't provide early. Simple as that really.

I don't care if they're advertising easter bunnys on the 11th. I'll still be paying my respects to those that have gone before, including familly and absent friends. The last thing on my mind on that day will be what have Tescos got on offer this weekend.
Watcher,after years for just enjoying this site i have joined,simply to say,i agree with you.The forward creeping of christmas,has taken away it's true meaning,and yes you are right,this nation should take stock of this fact.
While not wishing to be seen as a kill joy, waiting till after remembrance sunday,may serve to remind people that one,HM Forces are,and for the forseeable future,fighting two wars,and two,if we forget how bad the wars of the past were,we may not prevent future ones
Trotsky - I "see" your 17 Oct Advert and raise you.... My dinner date on 12 Sep with a chalkboard in the restaurant advertising "Book your Christmas Party"... Objected with a "FFS" to the Manager who shrugged and said "Yeah. And WE went to the Christmas “Strategy” meetings in July!”…
Two years ago I trawled my local shops for donations to the RBL, the overwhelming response wss "no". Surprising then, that this is a garrison city with a military heritage to rival any other location. Around this time of year, commerce and businesses are concentrating on office p_ss ups, Xmas decorations and presents for those who aren't remotely interested in our people fighting overseas. Though there are of course plenty of folks who do care and contribute in many ways.

Instead of blindly pandering to business and retail propoganda, along with militant minorities and religions, it's high time those with the clout to do so reminded the UK and its British citizens (whatever the hell that means nowadays) that there are folks in uniform and of a far higher calibre than many of us, who deserve a front seat on Remembrance Day and at the friggin' Christmas trough this year.

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