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Lets make some money

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Ciggie

    Ciggie On ROPs

    ...for Arrse, of course. Imagine that together, with all our innocent dreams, our combined vast collection of sweet, thoughtful images, we could create a combined childrens story that could be published and given to school libraries worldwide, whilst we, of course, sit by the poolside drinking large ladies.....

    It begins like this : There was once a farm set in a lush meadow, surrounded by willow trees that whispered in the wind. In the stable was a horse, white as the driven snow, baby pigs snuggled against their mother in the sty and ducklings waddled to the feedtrough. In the kitchen mother was preparing coffee for her husband and the children were rubbing sleepy-dust from their eyes when
  2. Father came bounding down the steps, full of excitement, "hey kids, guess what happened last night?" the children looked at each other shrugging shoulders "Don't Know" they answered in unison. Well come to the Barn and I'll show you he smiled, the kids faces dropped as they had been in the barn with daddy before...........
  3. ...........but this time was different, instead of the usual straw covering the floor, there was a plastic sheet. Upon looking around, the kids noticed the lack of curly tailed piglets snorting around their feet, instead they were hanging from the rafters by their hind trotters, blood oozing from their slit throats.............
  4. Jenny, the youngest, kicked her feet sullenly against the plastic sheet, "like mummy" she muttered into her chest. "Yes!" cried their father, "Yes, like mummy, but kids, this time it's different..."
  5. fuckin' 'ell my bit doesn't follow now. Thinks again.....
  6. Little Tommy the eldest shouted "Me first, Me First!" Father looks on proudly at how well his son's murderous instincts are coming along he runs towards the tethered body, almost slipping on the plastic sheet. The others laughed and little Gwen shouts " Daddy! Daddy! can we please take the gag off, we want to hear the screams?" Daddy moved towards Myfanwy with his knife ready to carry the request and.....
  7. We may have a copyright issue here.

    "The Slaughter at Sunnyside Farm" was originally written by Enid Blyton in 1954.
  8. Don't recall reading my little addition, would have been better had M_V left his bit in! if you know what I mean.