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Lets Make A Film

I was thinking - after the the Mark of Cain, how long before another pile of crap is thrust on the TV about those 'gallant' hero's of the Iranian Hostage 'Crisis'. I think whoever makes it should be more realistic in there casting of the central charaters. I'd like to kick it off by nominating the cast list:

Leading SeaMAN Faye Turney: Jo Brand/Divine/Daffd from Little Britain

OM Arthur Batchelor: [I'm a bit torn here - Professer Stephen Hawking/it'd be too obvious but Rowan Atkinson and with the advance in digital technology maybe Charles Hawtry]

The Navy: The Lt RN, Albert Poop-Decker

The Captain of HMS Cornwall: Osama Bin Laden

The Deck Monkeys: Harry, Ron and the rest of Griffendor house to make up the numbers

The Marines: Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men

The First and Second Sea Lord - To Me - To You, the one the only 'Chuckle Brothers' or Ren and Stimpy

The Minister of Defence - Lennie [Of Mice and Men]

The Prime Minister - George [Of Mice and Men]

The Press/Media - I was thinking we could get that bloke who does Wallace and Gromit to make some models out of Sh1t scrapped from the bottom of a deep trench shitter on Sennelager ranges.

Sound-Track From ITunes
Uniforms by Hugo Boss
Reality by Appointment Only

We need a better ending though, something involving shooting any suggestions ?

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