Let's make a better world!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BugzDaMick, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. If you were ever wondering why the world as we know it is not turning into the wonderland that's been promised to us for generations, you might want to reap some alternative knowledge or what's feasible and what’s not by attending the following event:
    Marxism 2012.
    It’s an ideal opportunity for those wholly opposed to Socialism to present their case, while those who're antagonistic to the wholesale introduction of Capitalism can also do the same. Day-tickets are available, although I'll be there throughout, probably helping out on the "Bookmarks" stall.

    This is a genuine opportunity to obtain real information on what's feasible and what's not with regard to gobment schemes and what we normal folks can do to make sure that our voices are heard by those in a position to form the society of the future.

    MsG (which is the GDR acronym for "Mit sozialischtem Gruß" - With Socialist greetings)
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  2. Is it April fools day?
  3. Guest speaker Mark Serwotka?

    Brothers! i have a better world, and you suckers are paying for it!

    Bob Crow (RMT) - £79,564 in salary, £26,115 in pension contributions, £13,013 expenses
    John Hannett (USDAW) - £81,742 salary, £16,389 pension contributions
    Billy Hayes (CWU) - £83,530 salary, £14,190 pension contributions
    Sally Hunt (UCU) - £63,743 salary, £7,612 pension contributions, £2705 car benefit (start of June 2006 to end of May 2007)
    Paul Kenny (GMB) - £81,000 salary, £21,000 superannuation (pension contributions), £8,000 car
    Dave Prentis (Unison) - £92,187 salary, £23,603 pension contributions, £11,646 expenses and car benefit
    Derek Simpson (Unite-Amicus) - £62,673 salary, £16,156 pension contributions, £13,333 car allowance, £26,181 housing benefit (Derek Simpson now receives nearly £200,000 in pay and benefits, with his pay package increasing 17 percent this year. He also has the right to stay in his £800,000 house in Hertfordshire until he dies, after which his partner will be able to remain there at a heavily subsidised rate.
    Simpson, according the Times, demanded that the union subsidise his accommodation to "make it affordable" - a perk worth about £40,000 bringing his total remuneration to £194,252.)
    Mark Serwotka.... dont you just love him ???? (PCS) - £82,094 salary, £26,104 pensions contributions, £2,245 additional housing cost allowance and additional housing cost supplement
    Steve Sinnott (NUT) - £99,846 salary, £23,963 pension contributions
    Tony Woodley (Unite-TGWU) - £59,333 salary, £9,552 pension contributions, car fuel £3,360
    Matt Wrack (FBU) - £66,389 salary, £44,281 pension contributions, £5,134 car

    With monosodium glutimate... SoI
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  4. Oh, do **** off Bugsy, you tedious one-note cuntscab.
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  5. Are you claiming Socialism is equivalent to Marxism ?

    No, don't answer that, I don't want to get into a tedious debate. It's not, wasn't and never will be. Perhaps you might be able to explain to the former USSR, GDR, et al, why the world as they knew it didn't turn into the wonderland that'd been promised.

    I blame the teachers, bloody education standards, etc etc.
  6. I blame Margaret Thatcher. Are you aware that she took the milk from the mouths of our school children? She destroyed the unions making it impossible for Arthur Scargill and his minions to oppress working men and their families. Unfair, I say!

    Harold Wilson, now there was a Prime Minister! Blair, Brown. Leaders of the free world, Socialist democracy and Champagne Socialism for all. Huzzah, Huzzah.

    Yep, thats my soap box, thanks.
  7. Let's make a better world?

    Only when the last politican has been strangled with the intestines of the last priest!

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  8. Personally I'd have said that the dismal failure of every single Communist regime is a better indicator of feasibility than a collection of blowhards gibbering on about their imaginary Socialist utopia, but fill your boots, Bugz.
  9. It's because most people are *****.

    Some are cynical, selfish, impatient ***** like me; some are just boring ***** who go on about socialism, class divides and bourgeoisie conspiracies.
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  10. IIRC, the decision was made by her predecessor, the Mad Monk (aka Sir Keith Joseph). The lady was not for turning, showing that she had backbone even then
  11. I'm beginning to miss that fat Afghan git AK.
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  12. Steady on...
  13. Got to hand it to him, living proof of old Winston's observation about loonie's not being able to change thier mind and refusing to change the subject.

    WFBWG (with fraternal basket weaving greetings) ...Old greeting, once common in cloud cuckoo land.
  14. I take it you won't be coming along then?

    It's an ideal opportunity to find out why the present "austerity measures" are actually not necessary and how we can all contribute to improving the lives of as many folks as possible in both a materialistic and financial sense. Things are not getting better and the Capitalist gobments just keep applying the same methods that caused the financial crisis in the first place.

    Find out why they're privatising the NHS and as many public services as they can. Does anyone have an example of a public service being privatised and actually improving? No, thought not. But there are alternatives and if we all work together, we can do something about reversing all the privatisations and the lowering of our standards of living just so that the rich can become even richer. We need a system in which folks matter and are taken seriously. We need a much more stable social system in which it's possible to plan from one year to the next, in which folks begin to enjoy life and not struggle from one end of the month to the next.

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  15. I'm tempted

    Speakers to include Tony Benn and Tariq Ali, and Lelia Khaled to participate via Skype - who can resist a good 70s theme night?

    And this might be interesting - Tommy McKearney, author of 'The Provisional IRA from Insurrection to Parliament', remembers his participation in the IRA hunger strikes 30 years ago. I presume his participation wasn't that whole hearted ??? Starvation walt?

    And this sounds like a real extravaganza of thigh slapping mirth.- Hysterical materialismSat, 9pm, Roberts G06
    From Rosa Lulzemburg to Alex Callolnicos, it is a well-known fact that socialists have always had a great sense of humour. Marxism’s comedy night – always a favourite – returns in 2012 with Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year runner up Joe Wells, feminist activist and comedian Kate Smurthwaite and some
    very special guests. It will all be hosted by socialist comedian Steve Parry, who has written for a variety of television shows including V Graham Norton and Basil Brush.