Lets look at the Government, Money and Armed Forces

Ok so I don’t stray off the point I shall keep it simple and straight forward

The Armed Forces cost money (AKA deficit on the budget, not a profit organisation)
Immigrants and Asylum seekers bring money to the UK (from EU fund AKA positive Cash Flow)
Doing bizarre things that Brussels EU parliament recognize brings in Money (it’s a little like the lottery but positive cash flow)

Solider gets hurt or worse (costs more money deficit)
50 immigrants or asylum seekers come in (initally deficit on local authority but government gets the cash from EU)

The summary of this

Immigrants bring money to the UK via the EU fund, who eventually become voters.. Hence Liabour do what the do and get away with it?

The Armed forces are small and dont make much impact on voting therefore Liabour dont care

Does this make a little sense or have I lost the plot a little
the EU have this big huge pot of cash do some do gooder brownie point stuff and then help yourself to the cookie jar full of cash
No, that is the Greeks and Italians stealing money. They do this because they are corrupt, not because the EU rewards them on purpose.

What some countries *cough**France**cough* do is make certain that illegal migrants have easy access to the UK.
i assume then because the french put fugg all in they get fugg all back, also other countries are happy to put in to put the problem else where (thats a guess) i assume

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