Let's keep building until we have nothing left.

Yes and no. Depends where the site is. A brownfield that's been dormant for decades in the north west of Glasgow has finally been developed and is filled with houses up to £600k, averaging around £450k.

Depends on the area, but where the area rates high in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivations for example, the government should consider subsiding the build costs for affordable apartments. Not everyone needs or wants a house, many just want an apartment which brownfield is much better for
The IMD is not a bad indicator, it seems to reflect reality around where I live with levels hitting pretty much the top and bottom of the scale

I use it work to calculate subsidies for people on courses, nationwide it does seem pretty reliable
As I said lots of people do it. How do they manage? We can all make excuse for not being bothered.
You are right that it is not for everyone but then neither is buying a 5 bedroomed detached house in Mayfair.
People just can't be bothered, despite the fact it can be cheaper (very much cheaper if you have some building skills of your own).
Should people build their own homes?
The building part is not too difficult.It's finding a site with outline planning consent that is the problem.Around here in East Sussex every community was assessed and a line drawn around it.This is the development zone and any individual new build has to be within the boundary.
The same council also has instructions to build new social housing.This of course can be built wherever the council see fit, and so playing fields etc and common land is now on their radar.
Very good point. Many, in some cases virtually all, young people from such areas leave and can never move back. No available affordable housing, limited infrastructure, poor or no mobile and internet coverage affects existing businesses and deters those considering working from home. Second homers bring a lot of food and supplies with them rather than shopping locally. Local shops can't compete with supermarkets 20+ miles away. Limited or no bus services. The list goes on. Centralising services in to ever growing major towns and cities doesn't help rural communities. If farmers are driven out or the countryside, food will have to be imported or produced in the cities (There are a few existing city farms and indoor veg farms are being trialled).
already done. I can't live in my home village. My school mate's farm has just been sold up. The fields to other farmers the house to some rich businessman. Niether my mate nor his sister wanted to go into farming... Nor did local lads, when they either had to commute 60 mins down the road or sleep on the farm... The two bed farm hand houses were being enlarged and sold off at exorbitant prices.
Even migrant workers who work draw Universal Credit and the likes if they have families and earn an average wage or less so they still cost tax payers money even when they work . (the same as low income UK citizens do)
Don't forget child Benefit for kids living overseas, how many birth certificates can you buy. We pay the full amount by by EU law we only need to pay the difference.
Unfortunately I'm going to disagree with @thegimp
The unfettered immigration to the UK has resulted in a large and unsustainable burden on schools, NHS and other council services.

At the same time there is a large immigrant underclass who are happy to live in relative (to the UK norm) poverty in order to send money to their home countries in order to (in many cases) build mansions for their families in their own countries. I particularly cite Romania and Bulgaria in this case but other Eastern European basket cases are available, but I extend this to Bangladesh, Pakistan and India other sub-continent basket cases....

I do have knowledge of this area as SWMBO worked in social services for over 20 years (NHS and local authority) until last year. We also have a couple of friends who are social workers in inner-city areas.

A controlled level of migration to the country would be good with some sort of set entry criteria. Instead what we have is a large number of immigrants working on or close to the breadline and contributing next to nothing to the economy other than working e.g. as waiters in Afghan restaurants.

Don't believe me? Take a trip to Slough, particularly the area around Chav-Ley

As for having imported Eastern European crime gangs, Pakistani rapists etc -- I will leave this now.

Edited for fat finger speeeelllin'
A few years ago I had the dubious pleasure of staying at the holiday inn iin Slough. The in hotel restaurant was pretty crap and so I decided to walk into town (about 1.25 miles) to get an evening meal.

I walked up Chavley Rd East and for the first 3/4 mile did not hear an English voice.

I am not a racist by any means, but for me, this IS a problem.
Build more homes in National Parks, says Government adviser | Daily Mail Online

I'm all for building new national parks but feel our existing parks don't need more housing. Especially housing that will just become expensive due to it's lovely views.

i can't help thinking that building new houses is not a solution. Maybe we should be looking at our rampant population growth...

regardless of how it is caused.

ONS has it as 70.4 by 2030 and it looks a bit different when they do a graph...

National Population Projections - Office for National Statistics
I am not a racist by any means, but for me, this IS a problem.
You and I don't get to decide whether we're racist or not.
What entitles anyone to call someone else a racist?
Wanting to win the argument.

Ask Maple or Meerkatz for more details.
I don't give a flying fvck at a rolling doughnut whether anyone cares if I am or ain't racist.
You should do if you work for a living.
What entitles anyone to call someone else a racist?
Anyone can accuse anyone else of racism I'd hazard, proving it in a court of law is the hard bit. HTH.
There are lies, damn lies, and office for national statistics statistics and about as truthful as Obama's assertion that we were back of the queue for trade deals

A decade ago it was between 77 and 80 million, are you saying our population has gone down due to unfettered immigration ?
From the article...

"The supermarket in question was privately lobbying the Competition Commission to let it grow its market share. The argu- ment, reasonably enough, was that the market was far bigger than the regulator realised, so expanding the network was fair."

Given the choice between ONS and a supermarket such as Tesco, ONS every time.


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@Old Stab ...I am unemployed now, could you please point me in the direction of this sweet sweet benefit world? I will buy a couple of pints when I get that first check in. Ta.
I’ll refund the price of the pints when you find out where it is. There’s a few here could do with a break and a change of pace in this benefit nirvana would do them the world of good.
Assure your friend that they are white, educated, of good character and references can be had on request.
I’ll refund the price of the pints when you find out where it is. There’s a few here could do with a break and a change of pace in this benefit nirvana would do them the world of good.
Assure your friend that they are white, educated, of good character and references can be had on request.
the big problem with people who are in the shit is there is no actual usefull advice available from the ones who should provide it, on the other hand, any migrant has an endless line who will advise them of every single penny they can claim and they use that facility to the max (any confusion just request a translator who will be provided FOC), the system is not skewed in their favour, it`s just that they don`t give a shit about who actually deserves benefits

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