Lets increase the Brigade of Gurkhas

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by accidentalscaley, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. In the times of man power shortages and committment problems to the Army, why not increase the Brigade of Gurkhas? Approximately 28,000 men attempt Gurkha selection in Nepal every year for a measly 200 places. Having served with Gurkha's on several tours, i find them to be loyal, dedicated and damned hard working. The very epitomy of how a soldier should be. If we had another Brigade we would be a hell of lot better off.

    "Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali!"
    ("Glory be to the Goddess of War, here come the Gorkhas!"
  2. Why not improve pay and conditions to make the army more attractive to our home grown variety? I found those qualities of loyalty, dedication, etc, (which you insinuate are exclusive to Gurkha soldiers) manifestly apparent in good British regiments, just read about their exploits in Afghanistan and Iraq!
  3. they are the most loyal and dedicated,
    as name another regiment/brigade that can be seperated from family/relatives etc. for their entire army life ?

    baring in mind they serve well over the standard four years.

    mind you i believe it was WWII were my great grandfarther fought with them, my grandfarther (his son)told me, after the gurkhas were sent to spear head the artack on a trenchline on some island somewhere
    they followed in after them around 5 minutes later. when they arrived they found not 1 dead, but the gurkhas had decapitated nearly 10 japs and were swaping the heads around the bodies whilst joyfully laughing and singing the national anthem. at that point he was violently sick.

    but i couldnt beleive him as his farther had dementia and that was the only thing he remembers him saying apart from wheres dad? and time to go home when he was 80
  4. Yes a hundred times yes but only after ALL Gurhkas and their Families are given UK Citizenship, if they want it
  5. If you can truely ascertain that my previous statement was indeed implying that it was exclusive to Gurkha's, then you Sir are deluded!
    I am only too aware of said qualities having served in many different theatres myself, thereby witnessing them first hand

    (Which isn't me implying that you've never been on any tours yourself!)
  6. As Busterdog said, why not improve pay and conditions for Brits first then see whether we can fill the vacancies. Unfortunately neither option will b etaken as th epresent Prime Minister is the same Chancellor who reduced the forces to the level they are through his PRUDENT management of the econpmy. Incidentally before we start sorting out the Ghurkas problem why don't we start to sort out the pension rights of all servicemen who left the services before 1975 and receive no pension unless they served the full 22 years.
  7. My uncle served with them in Borneo, ( 6'+ with ginger hair they were the only ones to get away with calling him Big Julie as apparently Big Geordie was difficult to pronounce)
    His story is that of a patrol that came across some Japs sleeping and after disposing of the sentry they then quietly decapitated all but one of them. They then hid themselves and waited for the survivor to wake up. Great amusement and laughter was had at his reaction when he shook his mates to wake them up. Last man was then disposed of amid great mirth.

    Myth or not I can well believe it.
  8. They would only add decency, honesty and integrity to the UK?

    only joking, I agree with all of the posts above, this is a way to deal with recruitment issues and I can only see their families adding to society unlike some of our free loading "guests"
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yep, yes, yup, and deffo. There you go, my considered opinion on the matter. The more scary little buggers we've got, the better.
  10. My opinion entirely. But why are we only talking about a brigade, why stop there? Division of Gurkhas sounds good to me.
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I dont see why we cant have regiments for everyone, such as Sikhs etc. A british Foreign Legion? as one of the most operationally active armies in the world, i am sure that citizens of many countries would like to join the british army, to do some proper soldiering, instead of the usual peace keeping they might get stuck with.
  12. Well we do. All citizens of the common wealth can apply. When was the last time you saw a decent army rugby team without a Fijian?

    And i agree, having two battailions of gurkha infantry is just plain daft. If we can recruit that meny we should have a full divition of them (or instead of using 1Rifles, use Gurkhas and have another unit of line infantry). But thats mostly because i suport increasing the size of the army anyway, not just with added gurkhas
  13. And now they are on equal pay the queue to join would be twice round Katmandu, not just once as it is now.
  14. Whilst daily rates of pay were indeed a lot less than UK rates of pay, the addition of the Universal Allowance brought Gurkhas up to the same take home pay as their UK counterparts so GTACOS has made no real difference in amount of cash going into the bank at the end of the month for Gurkhas.