Lets hold an E-Demo


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Unlike the Plod holding a demo against pay etc, we are unable to strike or hold demo's etc. :banned:

With all the issues now days due to poor/lack of kit, manning, pay, tours, accommodation, JPA, MHS, and so on, it's time to air your views.

I think the Government has had it time, with a part Minister of Defence.

Labour....Time to go....or not?

Des Brown .....Time to go........or not?

Lets see how big this gets :roll:
Brown... Ooot


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I demand the right to be demanding in demanding that which I have no right to demand.

My list of demanding demands are as follows:

1. I demand the right to be able to demand the PM's head, and get it!
2. I demand the right to get paid whatever I deem necessary to attain a living standard that I wish to be kept in.
3. I demand that my demands for sexual gratification from any female I choose to demand is met - and not necessarily by that particular female.
4. I demand that my demanding demands for otherwise outrageous favours, perks and comforts in my otherwise demanding life is brought about by the vocal and forceful demands of my local parliamentary representatives.


War Hero
Oh yeah?

Then I demand equal balls. that hang devil-may-care betwixt my muscular, yet extremely white English thighs and hat they become full of the nicest tasting man goo known to womankind...

Uhmm, schmeck sehr, sehr gut! Or some such shite.
Why are we having an e petition thingy? Does the army not have a monopoly on weapons and soldiers in this country?

Hands up, who wants to be the next PM? :twisted:
Lets have an e-poll on who wants to become the next PM! If they don't do it, then I double dead dog demand, (whatever that is :oops: ), we have an e-demo to protest....
It get's even better now that the stinking Fcuks have just been awarded a pay rise??????????????????????????

For what exactly?



OPPO said:
Lets have an e-poll on who wants to become the next PM!
I thought Clarkson was going to be the next PM.

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