Lets get this Party started!

Jesus H. Christ, I knew the proles were politically naive, but you my friend, could be their poster boy.
Have they started releasing the SPESHUL people already??? :roll:


War Hero
I thought this was a wind up when I started reading...then I realised I wasn't in the Naafi.

Get a grip sweetcheeks.
Rintelen, the advisors don't stand because they don't have a broad enough knowledge. They know too much about one subject.

The MPs on the other hand no nothing about anything.
why dont you just pop round and we could discuss this over a drink : :lol: Nothing on the telly and due to go back in my box in a while , so a droning load of balls would be a great soporific, Keep taking the tablets,
It's a bit early for New Year's, isn't it? But, wahey......

Oh, not that type of party then..... :?

I'll get my coat...

you make some interesting points.
The idea that a volunteer who has risked his/her life for his/her country receiving some sort of percentage life long tax concession would I think be worth considering.

I think it would be right proper and honourable and might help a fellows morale later in his life knowing that the nation as a whole is still remembering the sacrifice the fellow made on our collective behalf.

It would also perhaps give the civilians who would have to pick up the financial slack more of a stake in the conflicts Britain might get involved in causing them to think a little sharper than they did the last time about any proposition to send troops out the next time.

If it is true for instance that RM's are settling down each night under the stars in the Afghan winter in earth scrapes on our behalf and are still liable to council tax back home as I believe they are, that is nothing short of a completely dishonourable obscenity.


Starting from the presupposition that you are not a journalist looking for an easy story about nascent mutiny and regime change at home, could I point out one thing about your rant about barristers being MPs?

MPs make laws. Barristers know quite a lot about law. Ergo, they are automatically qualified for one of the roles of being an MP, allied to which they are adept at convincingly arguing cases that they do not necessarily have any belief in the merit of, which makes them excellent party members.

Now, as to the idea of tax exemptions for service, I think that a quite splendid idea.

However, would you like to point to any theatres in which that many have served three full years in action? I think that you will find that your total number of franchisees will be small. Very small.


Those people who put their lives on the line for there country should not pay tax whilst doing so, we could get more recruits. :D

PS Thank You to those who do, we are the not so silent minority, my posts ie. Come home safe and be an example of what it means to be a Citizen, be proud, I know I am of YOU. :cheers:

Living in NI shows that politicians, are self serving wa*kers, with VERY few exceptions. :twisted:


Okay, some of you think I'm mad, been at the cherry. Okay bottoms up then! Madness is sometimes a fantastic thing to have. I believe Kurt Godel was also mad - he claimed he saw ghosts and he was paranoid!

Then again, some of you think I've got something that not infectious. Okay, I know I'm politically naive. I guess that was what Jefferson Davies called Abraham Lincoln. So I'm in good company.

I had fantastic laugh at the all the funnies. Now to the serious replies.

Let's then refine my idea. We could get the universities to set an examination, like the one you sit at university, on a range of subjects. Then they would be scored on who got the highest overall average mark. This would make sure we got someone who knows everything. We'll also make sure that every candidate has served at least one year in the Armed Forces, with at least one tour of duty where he or she got shot at or bombed! It doesn't matter when or where.

Oh, and as for those Barristers, okay, they might know a lot about law, and thus be able to make laws (but lawmakers are fundamentally different to legal manipulators), but how many actually sit in the House of Commons? Not many. Also, since we are talking of law makers, these same Barristers have never been in a war zone. Yet they send us to war, on ILLEGAL grounds. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. The evidence was clearly not there, and if they had been GOOD barristers they would have noticed this. This lot are the dregs of their profession, not the cream. Also, we invaded Afghanistan, for what? To try to repeat 1842....1979....and get our asses whipped by the bunch of nomadic islamic fundamentalists.

And I'm not a scumbag journalist, alright?

Also, tax exemption for anyone who does military service should be an absolute!
You are not the first to put forward this theory - Greek philosophers etc. However the book Starship Trooper by Robert Heinlein might give you pause for thought. (Not the film - the film was SH1T and nothing like the book).

However Tax breaks and Council Tax breaks - the argument for those speak for themselves and I will vote for any Party that suggests it.


...and THATS why care in the community doesnt work.....

Rinteln, come the revolution - I already have my 'fantasy genocide' sorted - on that basis, military and politics shouldnt mix..


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