lets get the thatcher jokes going

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by superdriver, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. David Cameron once said as a young Conservative that he wishes he was more like Thatcher.. Right now Mr Cameron so do we ..

    So Margaret Thatcher has died. Police are now treating the incident as 'hilarious'.

    Upon hearing the news of Thatcher's death, Iain Duncan Smith has commented that he would have survived the stroke.

    So the Iron Lady has finally died. Rust in Piece.

    Thatchers been in Hell for 20 minutes and already shut 3 furnaces

    Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke. A stroke of good luck

    Saville and now Thatcher. Great 12 months for minors
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  2. Oh look another bleating sheep, keep going you'll soon be back in the heard.
  3. So Margaret Thatcher has died. Police are now treating the incident as 'hilarious'.

    No they aren't, by this time, all those new conservatories, paid for with the overtime of the miner's strike need replacing........ where will they find a leader of her stature now?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Well get the jokes going then.
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  5. Well obviously because they are jokes, making something funny out of something bad, it's what British black humour is about. Don't see anything wrong in people wanting to make Saville, Jackson, Senna or Whinehouse jokes if they're posted in the right place. If people are offended then look elsewhere, in here they're just jokes.

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  6. Don't have an issue with what you say, just that the "jokes" are shit. I doubt anybody is offended, rather they are bored.
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  7. Yeah some were poor, others predictable, but "rust in piece" made me chuckle :D

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  8. Is it too soon to make an allegation to Operation Yewtree?
  9. Arthur Scargill has spent years whining about how she bent him over and fucked him up the arse.
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  10. Was he a minor at the time?

    Or a fat cunt with a ginger bouffant comb- over?
  11. Lenny Henry is shit though. He is about as funny as small pox
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  12. She screwed more minors than Savile
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  13. Can we get this shit over with and crack on to the jokes. I was promised jokes.
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  14. What will the Iron lady be known as in two weeks time?

    Maggot Hatcher....
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