Lets get St Georges Day back



There is an entry on the sites guestbook calling for the St Georges cross to be banned as it insults Islam !!!! On account if the fact it was a symbol of the crusaders.
ha ha More neck than a brass giraffe.
No more bank holidays but an extra days annual leave would be nice.

And wouldn't it be nice if the florists had a bigger rush for red roses on 23 April than 14 February? Buttonholes all round!
For about the past 5 years I have been taking the day off for ST Georges Day with a couple of ex army lads, we usually get the blazers on red rose in the button Hole and have a few drinks and swing the lamp
A bank holiday for people who don't exist?

...there is no such nationality as English...


This probably doesn't help either:
Tony Blair - Scottish
Gordon Brown - Scottish
Alistair Darling - Scottish
John Reid - Scottish
Lord Falconer - Scottish
Ian McCartney - Scottish
Des Browne - Scottish
John Prescott - Welsh
Baroness Amos - born in Guyana
Peter Hain - born in Kenya, brought up in South Africa

List of Cabinet Ministers
I was waiting for somebody to mention Paddy's Day. Well done if you're Irish and good luck to you, but the number of people who have never even been to Ireland who feel the need to celebrate it is frankly ludicrous (Septics take note).

Talking of which, I was interested to see that both Google and Armynet made a big thing about Paddy's Day this year. Will they be making a similar effort on 23 Apr?

Turret Monster: Nice one on celebrating Empire Day - I shall have to add it to my diary. Now that might be a good day to remember the Paddys - enough of them fought and died to create and preserve the largest Empire the world has ever seen...
Theres a chip shop near me, owned by a white english family. its the only one in my town, the rest are all owned by this greek fella.

During the cricket, comonwealth games, Winter olympics etc... the other chippys flew greek flags and then flags of whoever was winning (except England)

The white english family were written to by the council and told catagtorically - if they flew the flag of st george they would be fined and if they flew it again they would be given an ASBO.


To liven up an otherwise boring workplace I have instituted colour theme days every Friday in our office, (which are proving popular, especially the recent pink day, as our boss is an insecure dinosaur who hates it) and as would be expected, Paddy’s day was green day. I, as the sole Irish representative was delighted that my English colleagues took part, some even wearing shamrock. I fully intend to insist that, regardless of what day of the week St George’s day falls on, we have a red theme, and that the wearing of a rose is compulsory.

I think that despite the annual whinge about being prevented from taking part in celebrations because of some evil pc agenda, the main problem is a lack of interest or pride among the English themselves. Should an Irishman really be the driving force in insisting that such days are recognised in my office? Not really, but that is the reality.

Nobody in my company can use pcness as an excuse as the company policies on such matters are nonexistent. (A huge culture shock for me coming from the Police, everyone in my office would be sacked on a daily basis if those standards applied here)


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I will be taking the day off work this year on St George's Day and will probably spend quite a bit of that time in the pub.

On a personal note I could not give a fcuk about St George's Day and you Engerlisch couldn't organise a pish up in a brewery.

p.s. St G's day is on a Sunday this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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