Lets Get Rid of Half the Navy!


Right now who thinks that things will happen with Iran this year.........and a Navy might be useful......
Well, I wonder what all those pro-Labour supporters are thinking now. Do they really think that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have delivered on all their promises? You are delusional if you do!

If the serving or ex-serving members of our Armed Forces voted Labour in the last general election, could I resonably expect them to do it again?
I think it would be an outrageous insult to our men and women.

Is'nt it ironic that, in a period of World insecurity, Australia have had the common good sense to increase their Armed Forces! Perhaps we should all vote for John Howard to be our next PM!

With a bit of luck I will be accepted into the Oz Army sometime this year, now, is'nt that something to look forward too?
nigegilb said:
Please do not misrepresent my views. I have served in the Falklands and I understand the importance of fighting that war and the sacrifices it entailed. I am not advocating the handover of FI. What I am questioning is the cost of running the operation down there when it looks as though severe cuts are just around the corner for frontline units. Equally importantly, desperately needed AT assets are tied up in the committment. Is there another way involving diplomacy with the Argentine Govt that will allow us to reduce our footprint?

One possible reason why the FI are deemed important?


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