Lets Get Rid of Half the Navy!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. Jesus wept. I swear, even moreso after reading news like this, that the government really is seemingly out to get the armed forces some times. That or at least the Treasury.
  2. Why don't we get rid of the armed forces altogether? That's save money.
  3. What a bunch of cnuts.....

    It wouldn't be so bad if the RN were doing sod all but as it stands we've got a permanent presence in the Gulf, the Med, West Indies/Falklands for example.

    The only way the Navy would be able to absorb the reductions would be to reduce the commitments and that will never happen as the UK will always depend on the seaways remaining open and that is done by the very presence of the RN.

    I've said it once and I'll say it again.... Bl'iar, your card is marked and you're the first one up against the wall come the revolution... :x
  4. So to cut £1 Billion from the defence budget, the navy loses half the surface fleet. Wouldn't it be much easier for the RAF not to get 20 Typhoons, which will probably never see service anyway.
  5. Who's in charge of the asylum ?
  6. Who's in charge of the asylum ?
  7. Anyone else read that as the Vanguards?

    That’s the only difference in national security that these buggers would see.

    So we where meant to get 12 Type 45's. Now we're down to six.

    Shite, something really needs to be done about the cutting (and I don't mean some joke about a revolution either).
  8. And the response from the people of this nation made great by our command of the sea?

    Wotevva. When's celebrity big bruva survival goes dancing meets the X Factor on again?
  9. Well... I'm glad I don't live on the Falklands.
  10. No problem, it would save money. Only slight problem is that we are on an island surrounded by wet, shiny, slippery stuff!
    As for Jonwilly's question about who is in charge of the asylum? Easy peasy - the Bean Counter in Chief, the Well Balanced, Chip on Each Shoulder, Let's Give All Our (yours the tax-payer) Money to Africa, Moody, Broody, Ill-Dressed and Ill-Mannered Oik G.Brown.
    Anyway, I'm sure the French Navy will always come to our rescue, or perhaps we can ask our new best friends the Bulgarians or Romanians if we can borrow theirs from time to time.
    Please, give us all strength to survive to the next General Election.
  11. Don't the Romanians have a couple of Type-22s? You might still have someone left in the country who knows how to run them.

  12. I believed half The Royal Navy had already gone, so slashing another half would just leave it at a quarter of its once great and powerful size. Its all doom and gloom I’m afraid.

    RULE, Britannia.(crash) Britannia rules the waves.....Only in a fecking Bathtub.

    SK :evil:
  13. Its a joke, when you see cut backs like that it makes the closing of one of naval bases a bigger possibility.

    I think we really need to think about not bothering to replace trident in order to save money for the rest of the armed forces.
  14. No wonder my cousin has so much shore-leave ! :(
  15. The problem is twofold. The penalty clauses in the original Typhoon contract make it as expensive to cancel as to complete and the deal has job implications for British Wasteofspace Systems in northern England.

    The second is that CrabAir is currently run by former fighter jockeys who want shiny, pointy-nosed fast-movers rather than less sexy but more necessary transport and refuelling aircraft.

    It's probably no accident Desperate Des was made I/C MoD. He's one of Irn Broon's Treasury boys. He's there to ensure compliance with the cutbacks and stifle protest from the handful of tri-service top brass with the gonads to speak out in the first place.