lets get rid of bad actors

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intergeri, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. came across this by accident and thought what a fantastic idea! You could get rid of all the really sh!t actors by just replacing their props.


    I would like to nominate:
    Hugh Grant
    Ben Affleck
    Steven Seagal
    Tom Cruise
    Keanu Reeves
    And who knows as it's nearly Christmas I may just get my wish :D
  2. Tom Cruise should win wooden actor of all time. Seen some clips of him in Walküre and it is bad - Stauffenberg's family shouldn't have been upset that Cruise was a Scientologist, but that he can not act.
  3. Gordon Brown for (acting) like a sh1te PM :x
  4. I'll go for
    Vinne Jones
    Danny Dyer
    Jean Claude Van Damme
    The fella who plays Barry in the Cillitt Bang adverts
    The fella on the Admiral Insurance adverts
    Hugh Grant
  5. would like to add steven seagal,adam sandler,christain slater and ross f*cking kemp :x
  7. Adam Sandler has two seats booked on my personal Bus to Death, just to make sure he goes over the cliff.

    I vote we hold auditions for 'Brandon Lee - the Biopic' as soon as we can find a suitably qualified armourer.
  8. Saw a Chuck Norris movie the other week.
    He is being chased across Honk Kong and then says
    'How do they keep finding us ?'

    Dress of the day is Cowboy boots, Levis, Checkered Western Shirt and Black 'Ten Gallon' hat.

  9. Can will farrell be strapped really securely in the driver's seat?
  10. what would a doris watch on tv then as there would be no soaps left.
  11. :) we could have a big shootout, but don't tell them they are live rounds
  12. And then use the location as the new RAMC training centre
  13. or get the casts of casualty/holby city/angels/etc to come in & carry on the motion.
  14. Robert Fcuking Carlyle for OVERacting in everything he has made since Trainspotting. The jockanese twunt makes me feel sick
  15. Liz Hurley in Bedazzled has to be the worst performance of all time.

    Adam Woodyat and Barbara Windsor in eastenders are terminally pants as well.

    Dolph Lundegren (universal soldier) can only appear to portray two facial expressions in any film.

    But Danny Dyer and Vinnie Jones (rent a yob) never fail to disappoint in any film. "Look at me, I'm Hard!"

    The entire cast of Love actually deserve to be shot. For their sugar coated,nauseating and unrealistic interpretations of so called romance...... I only watched it because I liked Blackadder! Richard Curtis's first foray into writing.......