lets get , lets get ready to rumble !!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. did anyone watch ant / dec saturday night takeaway last night ????.. apparently they will be in blandford next week ?? . learning to ride with the one and only white bellends!! no doubt some w@nker will moan that they never got an auto graph . or were allowed time to watch them fall off . hey wonder if theyll go to tiffs for bottomless pint night and drink loads of diesel!!!..
  2. yea thats true .. 0900 monday at blandford camp gym they will be signing autographs...it will cost £1.00 each to the ABF.
    and the white helmets are not bellends....there fools!!
  3. yea and santa is real by the way......................
  4. Im sure it will be a barrell of laughs for all concerned.

    That is if they can start the bike this time.

    Tee Hee!!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  5. ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha
    your a funny guy arnt you .
    bash off.
  6. If it's a quid for an autograph how much to punch the little geordie gits.
  7. free to all.....if your over 65 years old , and with both your parents.
  8. As much as some may question the validity of the white helmets, they keep the Corps (sorry for the quote) In the public eye. The ant and dec thing is another example of this. I have never served with them, I know they are not at the cutting edge of communications (are we?) but let them get on with the job, it's a thankless task, they take some big risks, and tour for a long period in every year. Lets be realistic here, the only reason we turn up at a show is to see if one of the white helmets 'cream in'. Knock them if you want but I don't fancy hanging off a motorbike upside down just for somebody elses entertainment. Enough said.
  9. 1920 aka "The Peacemaker" :D
  11. So was there any truth in this, did the 2 little geordie muppets turn up or was this a well crafted and adventurous waaaah. I'm hoping it was a waaah just to see how many sprogs rocked up at the gym this morning to get their autographs only to be greeted by a threesend and his mates laughing their tits off.
  12. bull 140 , it was on sat night takeaway that those northern monkees would be flying thro fire with the white bellends , date , time ???? watch sat night takeaway this week !! it may shed some light on the subject .oh im not @ blandford , try the land of tax free,booze , fags and cheap cars ..
  13. Bugger i was hoping it was a well orchestrated waaaaah. Anyway i have better things to do on a saturday night than sit in and watch 2 geordie muppets set themself on fire. I can get down town and get drunk.
  14. you can watch it on sunday on itv2 while nursing a hangover .!!
  15. Never heard anything about it, never saw anything unusual round the gym on monday morning.