Lets get ARRSE into the OED

There is an opportunity going begging here. The OED is on the search for words and phrases that are in common use, sadly there isn't a minimum number of uses for a word to get recognised but shurely there must be a way to get ARRSE recognised:

I think I've found it:


No dictionary is ever finished, and so the appeal is also for new words that aren't yet in the OED, but should be. What do you think is the biggest word on your street at the moment? Again, send your answers and evidence to the BBC: email wordhunt@bbc.co.uk or click here for postal address.
ARRSE should be in the OED: It's certainly the biggest word at my desk at the moment.

C'mon ARRSErs - we've mobilised to get a tie and we've mobilised to get a country and political system that we want, let's mobilise to get into... a dictionary.
barbs - what a great idea. I believe that we only require the word 'arrse' to be an accepted word in modern usage, preferably recorded in writing. Other than this hallowed site, how do we get the word 'arrse' out there - and more importantly, get the definition in OED to reflect this site?
We could project Mr PH and the Internet address onto the Houses of Parliament (similar to the stunt FHM did with Gail Porter in 1999 - nice ARRSE).

Or, even better, Main Building!

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