Lets drop the DIE weekends...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. ... and instead, mobilise the blokes two weeks early, do the whole package over a fortnight so saving on soldiers dropping out, manning ( DS ) plots, trying to find ranges a year ahead, etc etc.

  2. IS DIE another acronym for the "Current Operating Environment" weekends or the Workplace Status.....(?) thing?
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    and when they fail in those 2 weeks . .. .. ooops no time to redo . . .
  4. Director, Infantry Employment.

    Pre-mobilisation beat up.
  5. We were discussing this very topic over the weekend on our pre-dep Bn training weekend. The general consensus was that it would be better to do it the way you have also suggested as we (our Bn) are being expected to attend god knows how many courses, camps, weekends and tes-exs' etc, which is ok for a few of us but, not many.
  6. Is this an annual requirement or something better suited to a camp or as stated pre deployment traininig
  7. All of our current training is "Herrick themed." This is covering all the requirements of the "Workplace Training Status" programme which sounds very much like your DIE programme. Covers: Op Barma, Op Kala, C-IED, CASEVAC, ROE, UOR weapons etc etc.

    Because of the limits on training time I think most of it will be "an introduction" and be built on when initially mobilised. I may have got the wrong idea on that though.

    I think doing it over weekends gives those who are not deploying an opportunity to get some of the experience in so that they have some familiarity when it is their turn. It gives those who have deployed previously the chance to add their own experiences to the training too which might not happen in the same way if it was conducted in a two week block for mobilised personnel only.

    I may well be missing the point! :)
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    The thing is that with shifting mobilisation two weeks to the front, you are obviously, going to have to release them two weeks earlier in tour due to the 12 month constraint. As it is, augmentees will be pulling a shorter tour if they a mobilised in time to sync with the beginning of their Regular Battalion's PDT.

    So in effect a TA soldier mobilised for 12 months, would spend approximately 4.5 months of that in theatre. Manning got pretty desperate towards the end of my last tour due to a high casualty rate. The battalion that replaced seems to have suffered an equally high attrition rate, so we can expect this to be the norm for Infantry battalions in the immediate future.

    To that end, how would a BG Commander view this? And would he prefer to have augmentees from other Regular battalions who are there for the long haul? Voluntary Enlistment extensions are taken up, but the numbers are pretty low. At least from my own experience; out of 35ish TA augmentees, only about a half dozen of us actually extended to the end. And that was only 4 weeks or so, as we mobilised about a month after the battalion started its PDT.

    Frankly, the more we can do up front in TA time, the better all round. By the way, nice seeing you again the other day. Hopefully we'll get more of a chance to have a chinwag next time!


    DIE is a programme of training to train TA augmentees up to Regular Grade 1 Infantryman standard. It mostly entails weapons' training and live firing exercises (up to either Platoon or Coy in the advance) with a variety of Infantry weapon systems; Rifle, LMG, GPMG, HMG. GMG etc. (I'm guessing they might try and throw in the LASM and 60mm, but that will definitely be covered by battalion PDT).

    Herrick themed tactics are touched on, but not as much as you might imagine for the very good reason that tactics (theirs and ours) change constantly and aside from the most generic (CASEVAC drills etc.), in depth training specific to theatre lessons are best left till PDT and OPTAG.
  9. That does sound very much like what I was told was called "Workplace Training Status".

    Point taken on tactics but most of this is basic stuff so not something that needs to be "unlearned".
  10. D.I.E to me makes allot of sense. At the moment its a bit hardcore because our bat. is doing it over 18 months (instead of 3 years ish ) when its all up to speed it wont be too bad it'll be just like MATTS.