Lets cut down the amazon.

What is wrong with the Corps. Why does it seem that all we do is push pointless bits of paper around snailmail, make cr*p files and registers that we will never use, but must have to cover someones arrse, just incase his umbrella aint big enough to stop the s**t landing on the desk he never leaves.
Lets wake up and get a reality check, we are in this business to carry out war fighting, not to become paper pushing fannies.
The choice is yours, Groundie. :lol:

You (we) can decide to be proactive when it comes to pointless paperwork. If it can be done next week and doesnt effect anyones career or have a safety implication, it goes in file 13. If there is no come back or back lash from it, it's irrelevant.

A step further; tell whoever it maybe, if possible that their pointless paperwork is an irrelivence, it might work, you never know.

In my previous job, I spent a week or two 'evaluating' the amount and type of paperwork that came through the office. With a bit of thought, I managed to reduce it by about 60%. The method I used? See para 1!

I agree to a certain degree on your point 'carry out war fighting' but in reality we spend most of our time in barracks ticking over and addressing admin issues and the like, so it's a balance.

It does however, give us something to do to keep us busy!!
Maybe the powers-to-be should fill the Corps with part-timers who could be called upon when things get busy. If there is no tasking for a particular day then stand-down the unit/regiment or whatever. If there is a task to be flown then call in the duty ground crew/REMFs and aircrew for the 5 or 6 hours that it takes to complete the job. Pay everyone by the hour and see what happens.

A lot of money and time could be saved.
Nice idea Ken but we call that scenario 7 Regt! Or to a certain degree, 5 (NI) Regt. Things have changed since Sioux and troop flights!
I'll have you know 7 Regt works very well, young man !
Probably cos everyone wants to be there and can go home at tea-time !
No paperwork there unless you're a complete knobber.
Army - any excuse to keep troops busy. They are only dangerous once they have stopped whingeing !!
pretty sad when u spend more time doing pointless paper chases cos some tw@t in the qm's has lost half the regts kit! qm's - they're great!
Madmax.......You're doing it again!!!!!!!!!!! But I would be interested to find out what has gone missing, and who is the cause.

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