Lets Clear things up, Junior Entry

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Coopzer, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to know the the running time for the 1.5 miler for Junior Entry(Harrogate) I've been told 10:30 by some and 14 minutes by others, im confused!
  2. I always though it was 14 mins at selection. And 10.30 in phase 1. Though i could be wrong.

    Edit: Though if your getting 14 Min's then you are really in trouble. I think thats why it goes down to 10.30
  3. Just an idea but why not aim at the lowest one and thereby guarantee yourself a pass whatever the pass time is? Fat 35 year-old alcoholic bedding storemen pass 1.5 milers in less than 10:30 so it should be no problem for a youngster like yourself.
  4. 14 mins is the minimum performance time for thr Risk Reduction Run (ie if you can't do that you won't even start training) but you will be expected to get below 10.30 before the end of Phase 1.
  5. Ok thanks, Do you do that on a treadmill or what?
  6. Please God, tell me that's a 'Wah'...
  7. Legs, looks like I walked straight into that one.
  8. NO!

    On the floor, real running.

    Not the RAF pre entrance test hey ;)
  9. Not that stupid a question, the Navy use treadmills as well.
  10. Thanks for the information, i'm worrying too much about these run times!
  11. Junior Entry Is Ridicuously Shite, That Why I Left Harrogate And Now Lookin Forward To Gettin Back In The Army As Adult Entry And Doin Catterick In About A Year. They Treat You A Little TOO Nicely At Harrogate...
  12. As said on loads of previous threads the book says that you have to be under 14 minutes to be acceptable but PSO's are looking for people who will make it through the basic training. They are looking for you to be under 11.30 at least at ADSC but if you are slightly overthey may pass you if your very strong in other areas. That is why no one got past me and onto ADSC when i was recruiting unless they were at 11.30 for lads or 12.30 for lasses (these proved well on ratio of passes at ADSC for my office)
    Anyone who is struggling to do the mile and half under 11.30 at selection will definately find it hard in basic training when your expected to do under 1030. When you get to your unit in mny cases over 10 minutes is classed as poor and in my unit over 9.30 is frowned at.

    My son was running 10.20 at selection, 10 minutes at Harrogate and said PT was hard at times, he's now running in 9.40 while hes on phase 2 but still cant beat his old man :D
  13. Actually the Navy fitness test for ratings, the first thing you do, is done on a treadmill. They have to get under 13 mins I think.
  14. you do realise that a) leaving harrogate will probably go against you b) your a bit of a fool if you left because it was too nice. also, all you had to do was get your head down for a while. you would have go to a unit well before you will now, and c) especially if your going for para reg you would have given yourself a better chance of passing. you could have spent your time getting as fit as possible, with support from the army, and knowing if you get injured they'll fix you for free.

    if it was so nice, im sure you could have asked a friend to beat you across the head with a chair every so often to make it a misserable experience.
  15. How was it shite and too easy? Expand please.