"Lets cane the boys" boy soldier training 1948

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Probably true. The Navy had corporal punishment for boys up until the '70's. It was usually adminstered in multiples of 6 cuts and was always across the arrse stretched over a chair with full force. Cannot remember anyone ever going back for seconds :lol:
  2. Boris, did you 'just stumble across it'? You dirty old loon :D
  3. No...I am thinking of setting up a S&M club for OAP's..... :D
  4. When I joined boys in 1966 we had a training sergeant who remembers being birched; he had to bend over a horse in the gym and the provost sergeant administered it.
    Happy days! :(
  5. Apart from the person administering it perhaps? Was there a sound instructional reason for their wearing respirator and gas cape whilst delivering the punishment?
  6. Just doing a bit of research in beasting!!!!! :lol:
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  8. Boris, did you find any other "interesting" sites during your research? :twisted:
  9. On further research not sure if reliable..... it appears the cane was still used at the old AAC at Chepstow during the mid 1960's!!!