Let's be honest here. Would you?

Well, would you?

  • Ho, yus!

    Votes: 56 75.7%
  • Maybe, but I wouldn't enjoy it.

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • No, I can pull better in the local barnyard.

    Votes: 15 20.3%

  • Total voters
As long as I could claim that:

A. I was drunk
B. It didnt tell me
i cant see a penis...whatever, call me a pervert
Surely her name's a typo? Jenna Talackova - shouldn't that be Jenna Lakovtackle?

Anyway - no. Imagine you'd just shagged her and her mangina prolapsed and a bigger cock than yours suddenly fell out? Not thank you.
Yes I would, and anyone who says they wouldn't is a fcuking faggot!
Sure, I done much worse that were biologically female!
Definately, once that meat and 2 veg is off the plate its a bird in my book


Book Reviewer
The hardest part of doing a male to female sex change is inserting the anchovy fillets.
All would be well up to the point where she/it spoke to me,and it turned out to have the dulcet tones of Frank Bruno, ..put me right off would that.
Its the same old story, if you want a decent job done, get a bloke to do it. I would, and presumably she never has the painters in.
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