Lets all play at terrorists!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Xonerater, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Are these guys kidding me?

    Armaholic - Irish Republican Army insurgents - Units

    Armaholic - Rapid Rescue Co-04 (@) - Co-op missions

    Am I alone or does anyone else think this sux big time? Isn't there a law against promoting terrorism?
    Isn't that just what this is?

    I've been a big fan of this game - especially the British Armed Forces add-on - and that site - but feel shitty even going near it now.

    When do we get the mission to blow up some pubs or shoot babies and off-duty squaddies as they come out of the disco?
  2. Can I play as the Taliban? It's just that I really fancy my sister.

    The filthy whore
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  3. Two's up.
  4. Look at it from their side, there are hundreds of games where you get to play the big hard soldier shooting up terrorists.
  5. Does it come with the 'cold winters night on a Belfast Street.' addon?
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  6. No dramas, we'll switch ends at half time.
  7. We have re-enactments of Cavaliers and Roundheads - at one time or another almost all warring factions refer to each other as terrorists.

    But that's my non-partisan view.

    My actual view is they are a shower of *****.
  8. It's only a game. People that get wound up about this really need to prioritise their lives.
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  9. Is there a "Stealing Trevelyan's Corn" level?
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  10. No difference to when kids played Cowboys and Indians, someone has got to play the baddie
  11. With realistic PTSD from a Graze, including a letter to your Mam?
  12. Fixed for you. No charge.
  13. Makes me wanna grab my airsoft mates and pretend to shoot up some shit. brap brap brap
  14. Unless somebody mods them.
    You can't have any fun brassing them up in an ah64
    Or running them over in a Trojan etc etc.
    Mind you creating a firefly version of a warrior or fitting a supersanger with that bonkers giant flamethrower woud be fun as. Well it is only a game.
  15. Don't airsoft guns make more of a 'fip, fip, fip' noise?

    P.S. Yes OP, I am outraged and writing to the Mail then immediately after which I shall be handing myself in for playing naughty foreign types during exercises. I even dressed ethnically which adds racialism to the charge sheet.
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