Let's all laugh at Claire Biggs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by WolvoExPunk, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. What a crying shame.

    That they didn't kill her.

    8 years for child murder is a joke. Child murder should be death.
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  2. It is! Sorry, too soon?
    I'll get me coat.
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  3. Ahh, the sheer irony of a heroin addict, in gaol for attempting to rob a chairbound 73 year old, taking the moral highground against a junkie baby killer. Hard to know who I'd rather died of Hepititis first.
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  4. N.H.I.
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  5. Shame they couldn't tool them up a bit more, get a bit of "Battle Royale" on the go!
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  6. That's the problem with jails the world over - all the inmates have an irony deficency
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  7. It's like hospitals. They're full of sick people.

    Fucked up.
  8. I've seen bigger hidings dished out by fucking pensioners. 1/10 piss poor effort.
  9. Only trouble now is that the bleeding hearts will start a campaign for better protection and a nice big payout.
  10. the real sad thing about this is that they forgot to replace the Zyklon B cannisters in the showers
  11. She battered her baby?

    Is she Scottish?
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  12. cant they sterilize her to stop her breeding again?
  13. Haha.

    One thing though.

    I would abdolutely piss myself and squeal with delight if someone makes a propper job of it....like that nonce that got gutted a while back.
  14. They can televise the cunts fighting to the death with sharp things for all I care...,

    ( okay - I'm lying... I would actually buy every episode on blu-ray).
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