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Lethal splinter distance

I know.

But I'm not going to tell you.

If you need to know why not speak to your nearest RA unit or phone up the RSA. All the info should be in aide memoirs and available to your unit anyway. Have you asked your Regimental Training Officer?

Hopefully no-one here will be stupid enough to give you the information you require. Considering the weapon system you are asking about is currently in use on operations.
Point 1 - probably not the sort of info that should banded around on the interweb.

Point 2 - do you really mean the L118? or are you talking about the ammunition used with it? because last time I looked the Light Gun was pretty safe until you added charge and shell.....short of dropping it on your foot, or banging your head on the muzzle brake (no comments please it still hurts)

Point 3 - if you do mean the ammunition and someone felt the urge to risk being ripped to shreds for posting the data on the forum, then an idea of which shell type, fuze type/setting, target type would be useful otherwise it's a lot of variables to play with.


p.s. Am I being a bit too sarcastic or was it just enough?
quix said:
Anyone know the lethal splinter distance for the L118? And safety distances? Thanks
Everyone except an unfortunate FOO in Canada, 1991. First time I've ever seen someones webbing on fire.........................whilst they were wearing it. Still he'll never have a problem with constipation again.
HVM_Boy said:
why dont you ask one of the FOOs in your regiment? ;)
Dear Lord ...... I could actually still read your FM .... and I'm ex Infantry for the last 19 years !!!! Amazing what sticks!

Thanks for proving I do still have a working brain cell or 2!!

quix said:
Anyone know the lethal splinter distance for the L118? And safety distances? Thanks
Nothing classified about any of this - typical ARRSE over-reaction.

LSD = 40m
SSD (PD) = 250m
SSD (Prox) = 400m

Widely available all over the tinternet.

The lethal splinter range, is right up until the point it stops killing people and becomes the "ouchie" splinter range.

No actually I'm wrong, follow the ranges stated above as when the splinters reach them, they stop dead and drop to the floor.

Hope this helps.

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