Lethal Remote Control..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The large queue of cars outside will be personal injury lawyers scenting a large payout.

    And just why did it take

    at the time of the arrest?

    I would have used the term 'overkill', but unlike some recent incidents, the plod managed not to shoot anyone...

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  2. If this bits true the police were cunts in this case:

    "They took Michelle home but I had to walk back wearing a vest and boxer shorts.

    "It was pretty humiliating."
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  3. To be fair, it was Hereford... maybe he actually had a gun but forgot about it?
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  4. Well if you can't hold your weapon in the bedroom, we're all bolloxed.
    I can see the birth rate tumbling over the next decade. Will that off set the immigration problem?
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  5. Surprised he wasn't arrested again going round in the small hours like that.
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  6. Quote:
    "She said: "The police told us the medic had seen a 10 inch long black firearm being held by Keith as he lay in bed."

    Mmm. 10 inchs long, black and he was holdng it, not suprised she had a panic attack.
  7. You've never had a night out in Newcastle then!
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  8. Trying to get the sequence of events all worked out here.

    So the Lass suffers a panic attack, and the bloke is lying asleep in the bed room, then a paramedic arrives and goes into the bedroom and spots the bloke with the remote and thinks its a gun. And it all rolls on from there.

    So why does that all sound wrong, and missing items of information? For example, why didn't Wifey wake up the bloke when she had the condition?
  9. You are obviously an expert on this type of thing, could you give the %age of Police armed operations that end up in an unlawful shooting?

    How many police officers does it take to deal with a report of an armed person safely? Obviously your expert opinion will suffice.

    Where have you independently verified their claim of the number of officers involved, or have you just accepted their figure?

    Given how shocking and upsetting the incident was to them, they managed to count quite well.

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  10. Completely agree. Someone is telling porkies here. The usual procedure would be to surround the house and via a police negotiater, get the occupants to the front door one at a time where they would then be controlled. This story is bollocks.
  11. Wouldn't know about police ways, just thinking cause and effect. It reads like its missing a line saying:

    "Malone told the Paramedic the reason for the panic attack was that Abrahams had threatened her with a gun. Upon seeing Abrahams asleep in bed with..."
  12. Good ol' West Mercia (if indeed it is 'remotely' true.. see what I did there?)

    To be fair, she deserves locking up with a face like a bag of spanners like that. Ah yes, Hereford, that explains it.
  13. Able to count? Must be wrong 'uns. You would never catch members of our wonderful police forces engaging in any of this 'being able to count' filth.
  14. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Have a like.

    I'm not in the habit of liking coppers, so you're doing well for yourself.