Letch Ville, London

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. Just been for some scoff (2 Civ Div) in Richmond, London. Now the standard of the Ladi-eyes is something special but today in particular has been very interesting. Every woman I passed had no bra on and nipples like JCB starter buttons, got back to the orafice, promptly telling the boss (ex-RAF so I can do this) that I am knocking off early, to go into the nearest pub to get silly and letch.

    My question is this: I know Richmond is GOOD but where else is noted as being "target rich," no stories of Colly or the 'shot, they don't count (too easy).
  2. bravo - when is the last time you had sex...? That may have somethng to do with the extraordinary 'bruce lee' spotting skills.
  3. Swansea.

    I know, I know... but it's strangely true.
  4. Shrew, fair comment but please someone tell everyone it's not just me, this place is heaving (literally) with chicks, nice ones too!
  5. There's nothing like summer, short skirts, commando women and Tube Escalators, if you hang back enough after seeing a suitable target, Robert's you Mother's Brother, also shades on the tube, Covent Garden.
  6. you sad sad man fred you have a lot to learn my son...
    tubes themselves are much better letchingposts, overground only, wear a pair of reflective sunglasses and bob is indeed your father, sitting down, you gets birds eye views of the upskirt and when they reach down into the shopping quite often you'll discover the jcb starter buttons are no longer covered by the safety barrier. Also when females are standing up to get off is also a prime eyeboggling experience. The only time I dislike this is when you're playing the who is the fittest chick in the carriage game and none of them win...
  7. Southend is good, but for God's sake do not let them speak. I have some decent (£1 a pair) holographic sun-glasses that show skeletons & things in bright light and/or bright green/orange glow. My tongue hanging out is the only give-away as little Whiffler is strapped down on these outings.
  8. Oi!! nothing wrong with Southend
  9. nottingham city centre on a summers day,sat outside yates just watching it go by
  10. So was it you that kicked it off in the Monk & Fisherman at lunchtime ?. Do you find the Southend/Essex Girl nasal whine somehow alluring?. Happy to discuss over an Old Speckled Hen in minutes few.
  11. I am an Essx Girly, never been told I had the nasal whine though unless everyone has been keeping it to themselves so as not to hurt my feelings!! I will get it out of them later

    Mind you maybe I have escaped the silly speak because I'm tucked away in the stick in Great Wakering? Are you from Southend then?
  12. Wild Wadi water park in Dubai is the best place to perv-stand at the bottom of the HUGE slide and watch jumper bunnies try to escape. Its undoubtedly the best thing in the world to letch.
  13. SL

    Oooh - I think we're into a PM situation here.

    W (dashing for beer - tomorrow is another day)
  14. Haha I've sent a PM back, will chat on Monday if you're still about, I'm off to Canary Wharf to get hammered now, byeeee!
  15. A great place, until they start talking.

    Not doing too badly here actually. Working at a univeristy in Southern California there are bikinis all over the campus. It's like Hyde Park in the middle of summer every day. You just need to look out the window. There's a 50m outdoor pool with a sun deck FFS! Nubile 19-21yr olds everywhere, oh my. OK, time to take a cold shower and slip some bromide in my char, I have to go to work.