Let them know how you feel

I received this email yesterday
HELLO and welcome to the Weekly Mash, the not guilty plea from the Daily Mash, Britain's leading satire website that punches like a boxer. Yesterday Lord Foulkes, the Labour peer who has spent a fair bit of time over the last 30 years consuming alcohol at your expense, said the generals who know exactly how many helicopters we need are 'giving succour' to the Taleban. Today we invite our readers to cut and paste the following message into an email and send it to Lord Foulkes at George.Foulkes.msp@scottish.parliament.uk

"Dear Lord Foulkes,
Shut it, you trough-guzzling pigman.
[insert your name here]"

Your country needs you to do this.

Suck it.
I've done just that. YMMV

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