Let them go?

Are you talking about the harem of choir/paperboys you keep imprisoned in your soundproof coalbunker?
Whats wrong with them, are they full, or have their bollo*ks dropped?
Give them individual chilli enemas before you let them go as an extra special memento but make sure you use Naga Jolokia chillies from india.

They'll be limping/walking like they've been rammed with a white hot poker and then dry bummed by a rogue elephant :lol:

Hope this helps keep us posted :wink:
I'm sick of feeding them.

I bought them cheap off a Ukranian pikey..... said I could treat them badly and do as i pleased with them.....

There is only so many times you can poke a pool cue through the cage and spray them with cat sh1t though.

They've made my garage smell and Mrs MDN just grumbles and mumbles when she sees me spending time with them.... Little does she know I'm going to gas her while she sleeps tonight :D
Judging by the state of the floor, I would'nt have minded seeing the shot before that one where the squirting was going on. Facking stupid tarts have only got themselves to blame for the state they are in. NOONE in their right mind would leave a g-string on whilst evacuating an enema... Or would they.....? Dirty biatches!

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