Let the looting... er, protests begin!

Armed robber, 29, dies after being restrained by passersby | Daily Mail Online

Two blokes hold up a Co-Op with a baseball and golf bat.

One gets a 'citizen's arrest' and promptly has a heart attack.

Poor citizen gets arrestedbit later released.

I'm already sensing a 'lovable rogue' may have left us...

Bryant's friend Sharon Larvin, 48, from Birmingham said: 'I don't really know a lot, all I know is that Shane's injuries were not caused through a cardiac arrest.

'I hope the men coming who killed Shane get everything they deserve. I know he shouldn't have been doing what he was doing but he never killed anyone.

'His injuries were horrendous, they must've killed him and someone will be responsible for his death.

'Shane was a fit and healthy 29-year-old lad, I don't believe he could've died of a cardiac arrest. He was beaten to death by the good people of Ashby.'
Sharon (can I call her 'Shaz'?) should have gone quiet after the first six words.
he was turnin' his life around, he was doing one last job to set himself up in a new business growing and selling the finest drugs to all locally, he is wiv de angles now, sniff.
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.
I blame BREXIT!
I missed this.

But I agree with Sharon. I hope the men responsible get everything they deserve...

Admittedly she's probably thinking prison time.

I'm thinking medal, money, commemorative plate in six easy to pay installments.
I blame black blokes who can't be arsed working.
Wrong... you racist. It's a direct consequence of austerity, murdering Tory scum, racist BREXIT voters and NHS cuts.


... and spaniels too - though it doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
So I take it none of you are contributing to the fund set up to look after the lovable rogue's kid?
Thought not.
I was at the Docs the other day, there was two such scrotes loitering outside the entrance, one of them was ticking his drugs on, telling the other that he would sort him out when he got paid. I assume he meant when his dole arrived, he didn't really look attired to go to work. Cunts make me wretch.
Was he the one who was the nicest person you could ever meet, brought a smile and sunshine to everyone he met and was a loving son?

This really is something we need to stop from happening. Lets not sleep walk into a nasty world...............
Stop and think for a second here, if these gun runners, drug dealers and armed robbers are the nicest and kindest people in Britain, but keep on dying just think how much worse it will be when we sink down to the level of 'average people' ;)

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