Let the betting begin - Bliar goes to Mos funeral

Will he or won`t he?

  • Yes - the loyalty of the Dear Leader knows no end

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  • No - he couldnt stand her and only pretended to like her

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Do we think that the Celestial Navigator will turn up at Mo's exit from this Earth?

He called her a "remarkable personality" which is hardly a ringing endorsement. For example, I think that Mr Bliar is a "remarkable personality" and I have many remarks that I can make to illustrate this!

So is he using up boxes of tissues as we speak, or is he gleefully disposing of the second voodoo doll he has employed this month?

Will he don a black tie and armband for the funeral and sob his heart out, or will he watch it on the telly with a glass of champers?


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YES - but not for the reason given against the option.

ONE - he got a lot of stick over Cook's funeral ( John McRirick's Arsse-olish sermon apart) and he needs to redress the balance
TWO - Mo was a hell of lot more poular than Cook and he'll want to cash in
THREE - he has had a lot of stick about his hols which are surely due to end any minute anyway.

If any of the NO contingent are offering odds better than 11/10 I'll take them....

Lee Shaver


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Nutstrangler said:
MrPVRd said:
So is he using up boxes of tissues as we speak?
Probably, they're cheaper than socks.
You are a rude Old Cadet and I claim my ten pounds :)
I was a bit taken aback at the untimely death of Mo Mowlam. Even if she did have her human failings, at least she possessed some qualities that redeemed her.

But I'm really chuffed that Phoney Tony has painted himself into a corner here: if he turns up at her planting, everybody will ask the obvious question why he failed to show when Cookey cramped his toes. And if he's not there, he'll be exposed as the heartless, unprincipled little shite that he is.

He'll go. Mo was real old Labour and so her pacifism was acceptable and she didn't rock the canoe too fiercely really. Also she conveniently had a brain tumour which meant most people disregarded what she said, whether prompted by the greatest Lions tourist ever or no...
His appearance, or non, will depend totally on whether or not some millionaire has offered Cherie the use of their holiday pad for the period in question. The Bliars have showed that they are now up for whatever they can get prior to wnadering off from No 10.
Yep, he will pitch up if invited. He needs to practice his "Lady Di", the finger pulling, lower lip quivering eulogy delivered straight from the bottom of his Teleprompt.
He's been avoiding a lot of funerals lately. I'd insist that he does what is correct and proper, and attend Margaret Thatcher's, George Bush's and another one that he can't possibly avoid - his own.

Tony Blair has paid tribute to Mo Mowlam, saying she was "one of the most remarkable and colourful personalities" in the history of British politics.
Politicians across the spectrum have also praised her achievements.

The ex-cabinet minister died on Friday morning, at the age of 55, at Pilgrim House Hospice in Canterbury, Kent.

She was moved there from King's College Hospital, London, a week ago, having failed to regain consciousness after falling and hitting her head at home.

Ms Mowlam is understood to have suffered balance problems as a result of treatment for her brain tumour.

Food and water were withdrawn earlier this week, in accordance with her wishes, to allow a natural death. She had asked not to be resuscitated.
He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't - perfect really. Personally, the only funeral I'd like to see him attend is his own.

PS: Can we have that wnaking smiley included in the emoticons menu? It's a cracker!
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