Let me write your CV and Business Plan for you....

Let me write your CV and Business Plan for you.... Why not?

As a recently discharged Infantry Officer with operational experience that has made the transition into business this year I understand the challenges you face.

We are all very professional and capable in the Army but we are not very good at telling everyone else this. It is this fundamental skill that you will need if you are looking to make a change in your work-life albeit applying for jobs or starting up in business.

I can also offer you free business advice. Take it from me, once you know a little, you can achieve a lot.

What is my service?

It is anything you want it to be. I am happy to take on the challenge of presenting you on paper in order to achieve great results at job interviews. If you want someone to read over your CV and offer impartial advice I can do that too.

Having had success with attaining funding from banks and other agencies myself I know how to tailor your business plan to best help you. Whether you think you need money or not for your business at some point you will have to submit a plan to someone. Best still, this is you buisness plan, it will help you in the early stages to keep on the path to achieving success.

How do I do this?

We can do this however you want. I need some basic information from you and I will send out a questionnaire focusing on you and your experience. This will enable me to craft your basic CV. After this we can finesse the detail together honing the CV into a bespoke, highly personal and effective document.

This process is collaborative, I cannot read minds. What I can do is sell, the product I will be selling is you. To do this I will need your input. The CV is only as good as the information you provide and communication between us. I am happy to use email/Skype/telephone and/or meet in person.

Business plans take longer and as you can imagine need a greater level of coordination but they work the same way. I am even happy to take on some of your market research any help you prove the market to potential investors.

Please feel free to PM me and I will send you my details.

Good luck.

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