Let me write your CV and Business Plan for you.... Why not?

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by djf, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. djf

    djf Swinger

    Let me write your CV and Business Plan for you.... Why not?

    As a recently discharged Infantry Officer with operational experience that has made the transition into business this year I understand the challenges you face.

    We are all very professional and capable in the Army but we are not very good at telling everyone else this. It is this fundamental skill that you will need if you are looking to make a change in your work-life albeit applying for jobs or starting up in business.

    I can also offer you free business advice. Take it from me, once you know a little, you can achieve a lot.

    What is my service?

    It is anything you want it to be. I am happy to take on the challenge of presenting you on paper in order to achieve great results at job interviews. If you want someone to read over your CV and offer impartial advice I can do that too.

    Having had success with attaining funding from banks and other agencies myself I know how to tailor your business plan to best help you. Whether you think you need money or not for your business at some point you will have to submit a plan to someone. Best still, this is you buisness plan, it will help you in the early stages to keep on the path to achieving success.

    How do I do this?

    We can do this however you want. I need some basic information from you and I will send out a questionnaire focusing on you and your experience. This will enable me to craft your basic CV. After this we can finesse the detail together honing the CV into a bespoke, highly personal and effective document.

    This process is collaborative, I cannot read minds. What I can do is sell, the product I will be selling is you. To do this I will need your input. The CV is only as good as the information you provide and communication between us. I am happy to use email/Skype/telephone and/or meet in person.

    Business plans take longer and as you can imagine need a greater level of coordination but they work the same way. I am even happy to take on some of your market research any help you prove the market to potential investors.

    Please feel free to PM me and I will send you my details.

    Good luck.
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  2. I took the plunge and had my CV done by this chap, had a a major difference with the applications (more replies and interest when fired it out). Had an interview today for a nice position in an engineering role and they commented how impressed they were by my CV, 30 mins after interview they offered me the post, (possibly due to my good looks and charm). So all in all I would like to say ta very much !!
  3. Hmm, sounds good then...

    Can we get him adverted on the site? Sticky in resettlement forum?

    I certainly will consider the service when it is time to depart from my service to the Crown and Country. Mainly because I can't right CVs for sh1t... I look at them and think 'that is fcuking tonk'.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    This smells of more bullshit than your average middle ages midden.
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Well what makes me go wah is the following.

    1. Having a year or less experience in "business" whatever the feck that is but I'm guessing some sort of Financial Advisor - i.e. Insurance Salesman - does not qualify a person to give a business plan covering - well apparently just about anything - however offering your services here for "free" bullshit btw nothing free - does give a pool who you can "assist" and of course mention the importance of having a financial plan which amazingly enough this helpful person can sell you.

    2. Getting a CV checkup can be done through ANY agency you bimble along to - mine was done by Michael Page, who did it because it was in their best interest to present me as well as possible to their clients - hour long interview and three rewrites - no charge. Am sure there are specialists in whatever role you actually do.

    3. Getting a job 30 minutes from ANY company after your interview - please what total BS - if anyone has any worked for any company hiring is a huge fecking performance going through layers of interviews and mostly multiple interviews - you simply sound like you are selling your mates service or more likely you and the OP are the same person an you're bigging up his "offer"

    Personally I can offer the same service in that I can help you with your CV for a mere £200 an hour, I can provide a business plan service within the Supply Chain and including distribution, procurement and demand planning specifically with regard to the pharmaceutical industry in the Uk for a mere £500 per hour.
  6. Go for it then, not really arssed about the arguement, merely saying he did a good job on my CV. Yes there are probably lots of other places to get it done but mine got my foot in the door which allowed me to have the interview. As for the 30 mins, I am a confident and capable engineer who did well in my interview vs the opposition, say no more as you may not have my charm and good looks, I didnt have a business plan, don't want one and have never met this chap in my life, I was merely giving some feedback. Suppose it depends what side of the bed you got out of as to your opinions.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Not had the service mentioned above, but on the 30 minutes thing, that is entirely possible. Had an interview for a govt dept in London at half two. On the train home about an hour later, I had a call offering the job.
    Having a good cv is key - after a mate redid mine, interviews doubled. Now, my salary has :)
  8. How much was the CV manipulation, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Only cost me about 60 quid but well spent in my case, it depends on how long it takes him to rework what you have. Send him a pm with your CV and he will quote you.
  10. I dont know anything of the CV it self or the OP but I do know who 24A is and can vouch for him being a very honest bloke whos Integrity is without question and as had a excellent full career. I wont be doing it myself though as tight fisted and will use the freebies offered on my CTW.As 24A says you dont have to take up the offer...
  11. Have we not had the same post a month or so ago? 2-4-Albert, surprising how quickly you jumped on the band-wagon, just saying, like. May be there is some independent other party that has done business with this fellow. As stated on the previous post from a few weeks ago, most people will need some kind of help with CV's. Business plans are another matter altogether. I firmly believe that you CANNOT write a business plan beyond common sense unless you know the industry, environment and competition you'll be operating in.
  12. Good to hear you've landed on your feet you old C*NT.........I knew there was a role for you at Maccy Deees.............Give me a bell sometime, hope the families well
  13. Would you like to go large ?? Oh you already are!
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    You maybe can in the UK where the plan will be assessed by your friendly 24 year old "bank manager" and a computerised template..... ;-)