Let me write your CV and Business Plan for you.... Why not?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by djf, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. djf

    djf Swinger

    Let me write your CV and Business Plan for you.... Why not?

    As a recently discharged Infantry Officer with operational experience that has made the transition into business this year I understand the challenges you face.

    We are all very professional and capable in the Army but we are not very good at telling everyone else this. It is this fundamental skill that you will need if you are looking to make a change in your work-life albeit applying for jobs or starting up in business.

    I can also offer you free business advice. Take it from me, once you know a little, you can achieve a lot.

    What is my service?

    It is anything you want it to be. I am happy to take on the challenge of presenting you on paper in order to achieve great results at job interviews. If you want someone to read over your CV and offer impartial advice I can do that too.

    Having had success with attaining funding from banks and other agencies myself I know how to tailor your business plan to best help you. Whether you think you need money or not for your business at some point you will have to submit a plan to someone. Best still, this is you buisness plan, it will help you in the early stages to keep on the path to achieving success.

    How do I do this?

    We can do this however you want. I need some basic information from you and I will send out a questionnaire focusing on you and your experience. This will enable me to craft your basic CV. After this we can finesse the detail together honing the CV into a bespoke, highly personal and effective document.

    This process is collaborative, I cannot read minds. What I can do is sell, the product I will be selling is you. To do this I will need your input. The CV is only as good as the information you provide and communication between us. I am happy to use email/Skype/telephone and/or meet in person.

    Business plans take longer and as you can imagine need a greater level of coordination but they work the same way. I am even happy to take on some of your market research any help you prove the market to potential investors.

    Please feel free to PM me and I will send you my details.

    Good luck.
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  2. bugger, where were you a couple of months ago when I needed a new business plan.....just started the process of killing my business.
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  3. djf

    djf Swinger

    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm happy to help now. PM me if you need some advice.
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  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Why not?

    You made the transition to business this year, so a maximum of 7 months ago? Your business has not completed a full trading year, let alone shown any profit from that trading year.

    Nice try, but I tend to take advice from those that have a proven record of success.
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  5. It isn't a bad idea for a business I reckon. Good on you. How do you charge your fees djf? Do you have any references?

    No need IMO to throw him to wolves Duke. Obviously I don't know if this lad is any good at what he is doing, that is for others to determine!
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  6. djf

    djf Swinger

    Duke: Fair point. However, I'm not proclaiming to be Lord Sugar. What I do know is how to make the transition from Army life to civilian life and offer advice for those at that stage. Nothing more, nothing less. Thank you for your feedback though.

    Viceroy: Thank you. By way of information this is not my full-time business, this is something that I am undertaking in addition to my business. My business is much larger but like any good soldier I saw an opportunity and am taking it. As for my fees, they are totally dependent upon what it is the service leaver requires. I charge an hourly fee rather than a set fee for the product as this offers better value for the service leaver and enables you to take as much or as little of my time as you can afford or justify.

    I hope that helps.
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  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Not throwing anyone to the wolves, but a very quick reality check.

    CVs and business plans are specific to types of industry. I have seen a number of so-called high quality professional CVs that would go straight into file 13, and the same for business plans. For a CV to be successful it needs to trigger enough interest in the person reviewing it to make them want to call the applicant in for interview. In the area I work in, "personal statements", life goals etc on a CV are an instant fail, although they may well work in some areas of the "softer" business such as media.

    I work in the financial sector, so show me the money - I want to see a business plan with figures. How can the OP help in that if he has never worked in my industry?
  8. I too work in the financial sector, for one of the top three names in banking, or so my bosses tell me... I don't like your sweeping statements. Whether a CV is liked by line / HR depends on so many factors. What is true is that folks with a military background are perhaps not apt to the civilian tricks of the trade and while the armed forces offer transitional support, such support may vary in scope and quality. This is a good thing to do and if this guy knows what he is doing, he will have references of people who ended up getting a job or whose business has taken off with the help of a service he provided.

    To say that "personal statements" or life goals on a CV are instant fail in the financial services industry just isn't a factual statement. You look at the whole candidate and YOU (assuming you are a line manager) give HR the brief of what to look for.
  9. djf

    djf Swinger

    Duke: You are correct in many of your assumptions but you are making some very broad assumptions that you have aimed at my product and its presumed content which is clearly unfair and unjustified. I am more than happy to take criticism and feedback from those that have dealings with me and I do not take a penny from anyone until they have seen the product. I offer no guarantees for success but have experience of succeeding myself and would like to share that experience.

    As for the business plan, I clearly state that this is a collaborative process, please do not overlook this critically important fact. I am not producing business plans in isolation from the service leaver and do not provide all the answers, my service is guidance, writing and presentation. To do this I will guide the service leaver to a point where they do have the answers, a not always straight forward process but a vital one.

    I hope this offers clarity on the points that you have raised. I appreciate that this is a forum and that the right to respond is important to ensure that anyone considering this has all the information.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Viceroy - I said that "personal statements" etc are an instant fail in the area I work in - you say that they are not in yours. I don't work in your area, so you have in fact supported my point. CVs vary by sector, and without knowing the sector how can you possibly advise on what may or may not work?

    djf, a very genuine good luck to you in your endeavours, but perhaps the best comparison I can make is that you are offering driving lessons on the basis of having passed your test in the last 7 months and without the benefit of a single year of NCB to back up how good at it you may be. The fact that you managed to pass your test does not automatically qualify you to advise others on how to drive.
  11. djf

    djf Swinger

    Duke: Thank you and good luck.
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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  13. Look - you can barely move for decent generic CV advice on the internet so don't pay for it. By far the most important thing for any service leaver to do is to use the ex-forces network to find someone who works in the field they want to enter, and is happy to help tailor their CV and make some introductions.

    In most cases, a generic CV simply won't get past the first HR filter let alone an interview with the guy hiring.

    Don't take the short cut of getting someone else to write your CV. Its you who will be phoning potential employers, chatting to guys in the industry, and answering the questions during interviews.

    Not sure how to sell yourself in writing or in person? Then work through it yourself - only you really know know what you want, and what you can offer to get there. Ask for advice from guys who have successfully made the *full* transition, and their mates too. Congratulations, you've now got a network - a few key people of whom will like you, appreciate what you have to offer and point you in the direction of jobs which will suit.

    DJF is no doubt a good guy, with good intentions and a commendable amount of nous in setting himself up... But you would't pay for military advice from a guy whose been with his regiment for less than a year, would you? And to be equally frank - having witnessed the activities of some firms run by guys shortly after leaving the Army - I'd rate most of their business plans as about as useful as a Company Op Order written by the guy who runs the local petrol station.

    To be honest, your money & time would be much better spent buying a few pints for anyone happy to spend half an hour chatting about what they do for a living.

    Its a very tough job market at the moment - pull in as many favours as you can. Good luck.
  14. djf

    djf Swinger

    C_C Thanks for the advice, I'm sure everyone appreciates it. Unfortunately the reality is that some people do need guidance along the road, it is far to easy to tell people to "work through it yourself" . I am ensuring that the end product does the service leaver justice when it hits the HR manager's desk. My CVs are not generic, this is, as stated a few times now, a collaborative process. This ensures that the service leaver does in fact know their own CV and is in the best position to sell themselves in person.

    You are correct, networking is better than any CV but the next thing someone will ask you for after your phone number is a copy of your CV. Forwarned is forarmed.

    As you quite rightly stated "its (sic) a very tough job market". Anything you can do to give yourself a competitive edge is surely worthwhile.
  15. djf

    djf Swinger

    Thanks Oldbadly and thanks to Meridian. Unfortunately it's not the format that most of us need help with it's the content. Very useful pointer for people though.