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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by grifo_, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Hello.

    I am working in my NTT having signed off in Feb this year. As per instruction from the resettlement initial interview I worked hard early on in my resettlement and arranged my own CV/Job interviews etc, Choosing not to use CTW, briefs etc: Having been offered a very good position I applied for early termination via my OC. This was declined.

    He decided that due to a major unit exercise in November he wouldn't have the correct manning of my trade/class to allow me to leave. Although text-Book this is an acceptable answer I think It's pathetic. Although I was not within the tranche 2 bracket (If I had served a year longer i would have been) they are looking to cut people from within my Corp/Trade. In the same week the Army 2020 announced a huge amount of troops to be reduced over the next few years, I am told I cannot accept a job which would involve me leaving only 14 weeks before my termination leave anyway!!!

    I accept that some people enjoy a very good 22 year career, I have an excellent history in the army, have promoted well ahead of my peers and cannot fault the time I have had however I have decided to move on. I think I will be very very disappointed should I lose what Is a perfect job for myself, because an OC feels I am needed for a two week exercise within my last 2 months in the service.

    I'd also like to mention that another person (same rank class trade) applied for early termination the same week and was accepted.

    I know I do sound like a moaning c**t and genuinely haven't moaned about anything much previously, I know what I signed up for so have taken the rough times over the last few years, but surely noone can suggest that even the most dedicated soldier would be willing to put any effort into his work in my situation.

    Any advice, I have tried the RCMO already, he seemingly is best mates with my oc.


  2. Go to the padre and cry a bit. It may help.

    I had no need to get out early once I'd signed off, but I do feel that the Army should let you go if you've got something squared away.
  3. What role are you going into...?
  4. Thanks for response,

    To answer questions, Yes I have considered the padre option. As I've said in post above never been one to do anything but "take it on the chin" Just seems completely daft that when making blokes redundent when they could save by letting me go as soon as possible they choose not to.

    And my position in within a train company in London, They have sent me a letter to confirm I have the position and have accepted that I can push my start date back as far as end of september. With my termination leave etc, I'd be on my last working day just before Xmas leave. What is the problem... If i died tomorrow he'd have to make do, and If he pushed the case hard enough Im sure APC has plenty of blokes that they can post!!

  5. I asked because some civvie jobs require employees to give three months notice so if your role was similar and your new employer had to start the recruitment process again (as they have lost you) - they would have to interview etc and then have to wait three months for the new candidate to work his notice. This would take you up to December...Also you could use the fact that the 'army wouldn't let me go' as an ace card..it suggests your a good bloke and was needed right up to the last minute.
  6. Three months' notice? As far as I a. Aware you need only give as much notice as the rate you are paid; eg paid monthly,1 month's notice.
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  7. This is a fair point, I have re-emailed back the company. I went for the first assessment day back in May so It hasn't been a quick process and the company have been quite good, as well as the recruitment agency that first contacted me about the position (Obviously they dont get there money until I accept the job). I was offered the job (pending medical which obviously I have since passed) on June 26th so am stringing out accepting it. That means they have given me three months from offering me the position to starting (Pretty fair). If i asked them maybe to wait two more weeks (Which i'm sure if it was a confirmed date they would) It would only be 11 weeks before my last day anyway. Ridiculous as Although I am a class one at trade I have no spec Quals at all so am very easy to replace.
  8. I wouldn't string out the acceptance any longer. The company won't appreciate that. Get back to them, explain the situation, and state that you're trying to get out ASAP but it's proving difficult.

    They may be happy to wait. Either way, they'd certainly appreciate the heads up. Who knows, they may have a company solicitor that will help you (company dependant obviously)
  9. Yea, I drafted an email earlier to send to their HR manager. She seems pretty nice, and was understanding when I first said I wasnt able to give an exact start date. I will be in touch with her over the next few days.

    I have also considered the legal side of things but really need to speak with someone that fully understands the system etc: Obviously I have read the paperwork attached to the early release scheme of which it says "Must be supported by you CofC". So textbook answer is "Unlucky and soldier on" I think but seriously there must be something or someone that would take my posting, To be fair its not a difficult posting.
  10. You could always go to the papers.

    With all the redundancies going on, you'd think that they'd be eager to let people go.

    The papers would lap it up.

    "Army stops Soldier getting a job" etc
  11. Depends on your contract and your skills. If a company for example employ specialist sales people they will usually be on three months notice...this is because all future candidates will be on three months notice too.
  12. Always seemed like a childish option when people did that. I accept that I need to be a touch careful. Should I not get out it means I am still posted to this unit for 6 months, and Im sure the OC could make things slightly awkward.
  13. the OP should cash in on the fact they wont let him go..obviously he's not Sigs or RLC is he..
  14. I agree entirely. However it's your future the Army is ******* around with. You've got the offer of a dream job, and you may lose it. That's when the gloves come off my friend.
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