Let me google that for you

I notice that a lot of people are asking questions on here and then other people go and google the answer for you.

Well, don't be embarrassed anymore!

letmegooglethatforyou has been built to help those that can't use google.

Go to http://lmgtfy.com and ask them a question, say:

When is Jade Goody's funeral, I'd love to attend

The site will then go to google and ask that question for you - AND SHOW YOU A VIDEO OF HOW THEY DID IT AFTERWARDS!

No more embarrassing questions like:

Should I buy a new Vauxhall Vectra
Where can I get a driver for my graphics card
Does anyone know if I'm entitled to a haircut on the NHS

Or any other shite cluttering the ******* forums, just give them the link to this site and lock it, problem solved!

"Simples innit!"

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