Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B00MER, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. I was looking at the weather and all the cars stuck and old ladies freezing with no power and wondered if it might be a great PR op for the forces.... Few Bedfords carrying norgies full of hot stew (my personal view is that it should be a pork stew...)
    Great PR!! :D
  2. Comendable idea....Did anyone tell you that the probability of earning an extra tape in civvy street is still a slim possibility ?

    Bet your lads loved you..

    You f*cking creature..
  3. Fantastic plan, lets add a couple of shagged out Bedfords to the gridlock, that should help, at least the Fijiians driving them will gain some experience I suppose.

    On the snow note, fuckin civil servant "work ethic" was clear this morning, driving on the Bristol ring road was chocker until I got near Scabbywood, then the road was clear, no twat is at work, idle civvy knobs!
  4. I agree.

    What the down at heart motorist really needs is a gristle filled bowl of muddy water served up by an obese ex slop jockey.

    Forget the recovery vehicle just as I'm about to forget all about you.......................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Same here, I am the only one in the office and if nobody turns up soon I am fcuking off home to beer and porn.
  6. Your positive attitudes are commendable..... Normally grumpy in the mornings are we?
  7. Not at all, I always hate chefs, especially those that bang on about 'the state of todays cooking equipment', generally Soltau veterans who's nearest brush with death usually involved a Turk, a bouncer or alcohol poisoning
  8. Definately a bundle of joy aren't you!
  9. Well I'm out and about in the Aldershot area; if any ladies, old or otherwise need warming up with a gristly pork product, I'm your man.
  10. What is it with this country that not enough snow to cover your boot to can get all public transport stopped. Which means that pikeys like me cant get into work and have to spend the day masturbating to ladyboys and goths doing unspeakable things
  11. Got a link for that?
  12. No naughty links allowed :p
  13. Well pm then you jack git!