Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fertman, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Here we go again...a few centimetres of snow and the country is at a standstill...happens every year. Just about every other country in Northern Europe suffers worse winter weather and gets by without as much as a whimper. They must think we are total wusses. Personally I reckon it is sad proof that we as a nation no longer know how to drive.
  2. Don't know what the fuss is about, we hadit heavy here, but its thawing already, to here the muppets cooing on about a white Christmas, its meant to rain on Tuesday
  3. Back in the 80's I worked in an Unemployment Benefits Office for a sort while. It snowed one winter and I duly "ski'd" my motorbike the 6 miles to work at a slow pace. We had claimants ringing up to say they couldn't make it to the office to sign on because of the snow. From 2 streets away.
  4. I hope that you were able to fcuk them off, quoting the fact that you'd made it in?
  5. its a day and a half at most :twisted:
    soin the south east we should buy an army of snow plows force everybody to buy snow chains etc etc.
    if we had regularly amounts of snow it would be worth for two days a year its not really.
  6. I take it you'd like to pay the extra tax required to pay for the snow clearing kit that will sit idle for the rest of the year. Other European countries get by because they experience it for longer each year. When I went to Sweden last month the hire car had already been fitted with studded tyres.
  7. Will need to do a balancing act later to clear the 3 feet of snow off the satellite dish... in time for the Footie tomorrow! I live in a 4 storey building with a dodgy, very icy and slidey roof, should be 'interesting' 8O
  8. Ive been picking up dog shite, its a lot easier frozen than warm.
  9. I was on the 'phone to my mother in law in Poland last night - she walked 30mins in -10 conditions to get to choir practice and then back again :x I guess thats the power of the Catholic Church for you :D

    We have gone soft in the UK - it appears no lessons were learned in Feb at all.
  10. blame the gulf stream if we had proper shitty weather we'd prepare for it.
    I belive in the barbarian north they prepare for it.
    but as they don't have electricty or written language :twisted: how will we ever know :twisted:
  11. Arrange these words into a well known phrase: The. UP. Man. Fcuk. :twisted:

    Fcuking Shandy-drinkers... :roll:
  12. Oh it is cold and a few flakes have fallen from the sky Southern softies get a a fecking grip it is winter :twisted:
  13. I was promised 8 inches last night.I didn't get it.
  14. A little bit of snow that evrybody knew was coming and the relevant agencies still cocked up. I am still chuckling at the clown from Balfour Beatty (Highways Agency Contractor) on local news last night stating that they well well prepared and there would not be a repeat of February's bollox.
    Tell that to the poor feckers that were stuck on MOTORWAYS this morning. If that is their well prepared strategy I would hate to experience their thinking on their feet policies.
    The Highways Agency should fine this lot for failing to meet contractural requirements - that would make them take the finger out of their asses quicker.
    Rant over.
  15. You could get some kind person to hover over you in a wokka and blow the damned stuff off, oh hang on, I see a problem with that idea.

    Better idea....

    You need:

    One roll of black nasty.
    One long extension lead rated at 12 amps.
    One hair drier.
    Several 2.4 metre long lengths of 25mm x 25mm timber.

    Join timbers end to end, attach hair drier to one end, melt the wretched stuff off from ground level.

    Alternatively - anyone got a better idea?