Let get rid of all cap badge

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Greyman, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. Yes, they belong to the museum

  2. No, over my dead body!!

  1. I know a lot of you out there would like to burn me in the stake for this.

    There are a lot of emotions are attached to this issue of Cap badge and regitment titles. And every time when there is a major cut in the infantry and regiment getting merge there is always politics and infighting that cause by it.

    Why don't we reverse the infantry regiment back to the numeral system that was used before the Cadwell reform in 1882. That will make inter-posting between battalions easier and probably help to create an enviroment for everyone to work together.
  2. And destroy the bedrock the British Army is based on. The "Regimental System". Hating everything outside your immediate sphere of influence in a smart, uniform & soldier like manner.
  3. You mean what is left of the Regimental system after the latest cut, by any chance? Some regiments such as PWRR have merged so many time that there almost as much as continuity a regiment formed last night.
  4. Greyman

    stop trying to wind us up you cheeky little journo troll.

    Go away.
  5. Should we go back to Bravo Bravo or RGJ bashing then?
  6. No, just go.
  7. what and end up like the yanks. 13/6/8/5//8/9 company battlion platoon. thats just shite.
  8. Or like the Kiwi, 1st & 2nd Royal NZ infantry Regiment. or Back to a time when it is the 1st of foot (Royal Scot). That isn't sound too bad to me. And definitely look very obvious to the public when the no. of infantry only run up to 31 instead of 108 plus Foot Guard back in 1881 before the Cadwell reform
  9. Consider a Corps of Infantry. Histories can be maintained in names, colours and insignia, while wearing an Infantry Corps capbadge. Works in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa....

    1st Battalion (Royal Scots Borderers)
    2nd Battalion (Queen's)
    3rd Battalion (Cumbria)
    4th Battalion (Northumberland Fusiliers)
    5th Battalion (Warwickshire Fusiliers)
    6th Battalion (King's)
    7th Battalion (Vikings)
    8th Battalion (Poachers)
    9th Battalion (Devon and Dorset)
    10th Battalion (Somerset and Cornwall LI))
    11th Battalion (East Riding)
    12th Battalion (North Riding)
    13th Battalion (Lancashire)
    14th Battalion (City of Glasgow)
    15th Battalion (Cheshire)
    16th Battalion (North Wales)
    17th Battalion (South Wales)
    18th Battalion (Royal Irish)
    19th Battalion (Gloucesters)
    20th Battalion (Foresters)
    21st Battalion (West Riding)
    22nd Battalion (Wessex)
    23rd Battalion (Staffords)
    24th Battalion (Black Watch)
    25th Battalion (Ox and Bucks Light Infantry)
    26th Battalion (Greenjackets)
    27th Battalion (Durham Light Infantry)
    28th Battalion (Highlanders)
    29th Battalion (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)
    30th Battalion (Parachute)
    31st Battalion (Parachute)
    32nd Battalion (Parachute)
  10. dont the Guards regiments and Gurkhas count then ?
  11. You really think anyone will get them get sucked into a Corps of Infantry?
  12. Someone said that the straight numbered Bn thing worked well in the Aussie and Kiwi Armys.

    At best it works OK but these are very small Armies. The practicallity of maintaining opportunities for NCOs and Officers in a small Army means you must have Infantry wide posting opportunities. Check out the Army Reserve (TA) system in Australia though and you are back to regional names for Bns. I can assure you that most in the Aussie Army are envious of the close family regimental British system but accept that it is not practical here.

    Also look at the Canadian experiment with blending the 3 services, standardised uniforms, ranks, etc. Talk about killing dead your identity. Most Canadians I know still hate it.

    Finally, when you are amongst the shit and shot of battle who or what are most soldiers fighting for? What binds them together? Is it our Tony? Sorry a little gag reaction there. Is it God? Nah. Is it Country? Yes to a degree? Is it Queen? A bit more. Is it regiment and regimental brothers in arms? Give the man a cigar.

    Fukc off and leave the Regimental System alone.
  13. Those are all just Battalions. Wouldn't an Infantry Corps be comprised of Regiments? Even in the pre-Cardwell Infantry it did, didn't it?

    Canada has had an Infantry Corps for some years (not referring to 'Unification'), but still has 'named' Regiments.
    The great experiment with the CEF of WW1 creating numbered Infantry Bns was not a great success.
  14. ...and I object to being dumped in a '13th' bn.
  15. ditto - would make more sense for one of the Yorks mob to go there :D