Lest YOU Forget, Tony Blair.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Filbert Fox, May 4, 2005.

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  1. In a recent radio interview, Blair was asked how many British Servicemen had lost their lives in Iraq, after some 'ums' he said 'between 70 and 80'.

    Its 88 Mr Blair, here are their names, which should be burned onto you:

    Maj Jason Ward, OM(C) Ian Seymour, Sgt Les Hehir, LBdr Llywelyn Evans, CSgt John Cecil, Lt Philip Green, Lt Antony King, Lt Marc Lawrence, Lt Philip West, Lt James Williams, Lt Andrew Wilson, Flt Lt Kevin Barry Main, Flt Lt David Rhys Williams, Spr Luke Allsopp, SSgt Simon Cullingworth, Sgt Steven Roberts, LCpl Barry Stephen, Cpl Stephen Allbutt, Trp David Clarke, LCpl of H Matty Hull, Maj Steve Ballard, Mne Christopher Maddison, LCpl Shaun Brierley, SSgt Chris Muir, LCpl Karl Shearer, Lt Alexander Tweedie, Fus Kelan Turrington, LCpl Ian Malone, Piper Christopher Muzvuru, LCpl James McCue, Pte Andrew Kelly, Gnr Duncan Pritchard , Cpl David Shepherd, Mr Leonard Harvey, Sgt Simon Hamilton-Jewell, Cpl Russell Aston, Cpl Paul Long, Cpl Simon Miller, LCpl Benjamin Hyde, LCpl Thomas Keys, Capt James Linton, Pte Jason Smith, Capt David Jones, Maj Matthew Titchener, CSgt Maj Colin Wall, Cpl Dewi Pritchard, Fus Russell Beeston, Fus Russell Beeston, Sgt John Nightingale, Cpl Ian Plank, Pte Ryan Thomas, Maj James Stenner, Sgt Norman Patterson, LCpl Andrew Craw, Rifleman Vincent Windsor, Spr Robert Thomson, Cpl Richard Ivell, Fus Gordon Gentle, Flt Lt Kristian Gover, Pte Christopher Rayment, Pte Lee O'Callaghan, Pte Marc Ferns, LCpl Paul Thomas, Fus Stephen Jones, Cpl Marc Taylor, Gnr David Lawrence, Pte Kevin McHale, SSgt Denise Michelle Rose, Sgt Stuart Gray, Pte Paul Lowe, Pte Scott McArdle, Pte Pita Tukutukuwaqa, ACPO Simon Roger Owen, Sgt Paul Connolly, Sqn Ldr Patrick Marshall, Flt Lt David Stead, Flt Lt Andrew Smith, Flt Lt Paul Pardoel, Mast Eng Gary Nicholson, Chief Tech Richard Brown, FltSgt Mark Gibson, Sgt Robert O'Connor, Cpl David Williams, LCpl Steven Jones, Pte Mark Dobson, Gdsm Anthony John Wakefield.

  2. 23C

    23C Clanker

    That would be close to a full Sqn lost...
  3. Unfortunately I doubt very much that Blair cares at all about any of these men.

    Iraq was more about securing his place in history, which thankfully seems to have bitten him in the arrse. He will no doubt though get a hugely well paid job with the Carlyle Group or some other such organisation, whilst the partners, wives and children of these men are left questioning why Mr. Bliar is not in jail, or hanging on a gibbet in the Tower.

    Career building, lying and destroying basic institutions in this country can never justify a single dead serviceman/woman.

    I wonder how well Tony sleeps at night...?
  4. And my contacts say that if the chinook which crashed a few weeks back had been shot down on its way INTO the base instead of out, then that number would be close to 2 x Sqns.
  5. ydych chi'n disgwyl unrhywbeth arall or cachgi sais?
  6. Shaun Brierley, he may have been a northener, maybe he was a scalyback but at least I got to call him friend

    Cheers Blair you cvnt
  7. Owen
    ya means Blur may get a well paid job out of this slaughter, never not even he's that much of a corrupt lieing Barsteaward.
  8. We choose to live by the sword and some of us die by the sword. None of us would choose to die in the sh1thole of Iraq but most of us do what we do with the intent of deploying on ops. How many of those fallen listed above would be as bitter and twisted about our involvement in Iraq as many posting on ARRSE. As a country, we have, rightly or wrongly, committed ourselves to the liberation of Iraq and we should continue with that task until the Govt and people of Iraq are strong enough to look after themselves. To pull out now would devalue the sacrifice of our brothers-in-arms and betray the people of Iraq. I would not hesitate to deploy to Iraq again to finish the job we started. Let's not, through political division and lilly-livered hand-wringing, make Iraq our Vietnam. For those who have fallen, let us remember their achievements, honour their names and look after their loved ones.

  9. Pension, youve missed the point totally, read the first post again, Blair didnt know how many British servicemen had died in this conflict of his doing!! its not about whether we should be there or not.
  10. Foxy,

    I was really addressing Owain's post, but also a lot of others that appear on ARRSE in various Forae. Actually, although TB was poorly briefed before his radio appearance he was fairly accurate in his number and he is the PM, not SofS for Defence so I think we should be content that the he has a feel for the level of sacrifice. After all the number does seem increase on an all to regular basis.

  11. Michael Howard remembered....and he remembered the matelot who died of natural causes at sea in the Gulf.

    Or at least he remembered to ask someone before spouting off.
  12. Considering it was HIM and not TCH that sent them to fight in Iraq, knowing how many men/women have died is the LEAST he could do!
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    plural of forum is forii........my study after Prep, swords and medals.....

  14. Consequently it should not be too difficult for him to remember then; if he can be arrsed?