Lest We Forget

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. A tragic loss of honest and decent men's lives.

    And a sad reminder of the utter disaster that the "Arab Spring" is turning out to be for the West.
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  2. It's a wee bit early to be calling it an utter disaster Hobo-Ken, come back to to me in thirty years or so, we'll have an idea of where it's going by then.
  3. Entirely possible that you are right, and that North Africa will by then have become a Mediterranean version of West Sussex. I hope so. But sadly I am less optimistic, and fear that we have become rather good at turning stable (albeit pungent) countries into unstable (but still pungent) ones: with potentially dramatic consequnces for neighbouring Europe.
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  4. If you look along Morroccos coastline and even further down in Senegal, which IMHO is also arab'ish, there are some large developments aimed squarely at white europeans with wonga to spend - in comaprison to the locals. I think that the profits being made by those in power will be carefully guarded and devlopments and retirement complexes will spring up.
  5. A truly shite graphic like that is no tribute to anyone. Randomly posting it on 24 Feb - what?

    It smacks of someone without enough to do, or a serious lag in current affairs. Either way, crap graphic and random posting for no obvious reason.
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  6. Yes, but he's 'Murrican. So you have to make allowances!
  7. Perhaps that is the plan.

    I am not a bulging- eyed conspiracy theorist but wasn't Col. G dead within a year or so of urging African Nations to stand together and start making the outside world pay a fair price for the minerals and oil that it currently gets very cheaply?
    And after all, if the government is deposed and Al Q show up, well we will just have to steam on in there and bring them freedom won't we.