Lessons learnt from CivPop

Just thought that it would be wise for us to put together our collective 'lessons learnt' to share our 'knowledge'. here's a few to start us off.

1. If you get injured don't hide in the attic - you will never be found.
2. There is no need to cut an umbilical cord - the baby wont die of course :?
3. The best thing to get fake blood off (if you dont have decent soap) is shaving foam, hot water and a scourering pad.
4. Dont expect medics to check whether you have a neck/back injury before picking you up putting you on a stretcher and carrying you 200meters before declaring that you have a possible neck/back injury when you are actually dead.
5. Don't storm an infantry footbridge in blind panic (which might happen) as you will get a very angry and serious engineer pushing you off while looking like he wants to court-martial you for trespassing on holy-ground.
6. Shoutnig rape alot when a male madic tries to sort out a female makes them want to hit you - might have to be careful if not in an excercise environment.

:D :lol: anymore?

however, was a great weekend.

p.s. how long does the manual say it takes to unpack and set up and infantry footbridge?
Further to the above posts, should you find yourself in the middle of a natural disaster with blood pouriing from a gaping head wound and bones sticking through the skin on your leg, pray that you aren't resuced by the TA or at least try to get them to check your vitals before pronouncing you dead and then dropping you off a stretcher
Did any of the good people up there deal with the two real casualties?

I hadn't realised it was quite so serious; the initial email made it sound like a minor shunt or something, as opposed to a proper balls out RTA.

How severe were the injuries sustained by the driver?
Further lessons learnt;

1) a dead person will not respond when asked "what's wrong with you?"
2) When crossing a footbridge to deal with a several severally injured people, creating carnage it is advisable to take along a few field dressings
3) field dressings do not solve every problem
4) It is not necessary to fake being cold in village one
5) Laughing at potential tsunami victims will not infuriate them, especially not the fearless leader
6) Broken leg = death
7) it is possible to call your 2 i/c huw in the sweetest way possible and get away with it!

Last but not least... never ever be rescued by these people in a real emegency!

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